January 28, Minutes: Do not resubmit until you can send in the strongest possible application that effectively addresses all the reviewers’ comments. For example, you must address all your reviewers’ points and highlight their comments in the introduction and usually in the Research Plan unless too much has changed. Many resubmissions score better than the initial application, though of course there’s no guarantee. Summary statements for new investigator R01 applications are prioritized, and when possible, released before summary statements for other applications reviewed in the same meeting.

Do you have a sense that no matter what you wrote your reviewers wouldn’t have appreciated it? Visitor Information Contact Us. Resubmissions have several unique rules. Here’s how to proceed: You have just one opportunity to resubmit.

Revise and Resubmit an Application

Responds to major weaknesses raised in the summary statement. Capitalize on your strengths and throw out or revise the parts reviewers felt were weak. Add new findings and your own improvements. Be sure your introduction at least does the following: Don’t launch into your resubmission until you’ve read our instructions and advice below.

Ultimately your scientific review officer SRO will decide whether to exclude reviewers. Read for our full advice on how to approach your assignment request. Resubmissiom that identifying individual changes by using brackets, indents, or change of typography in the text of Specific Aims, Research Strategy, and other application attachments is no longer required, though NIH will continue to accept applications that contain the specific mark-ups.


Faubion used yellow highlighting.

Revise and Resubmit an Application | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

If possible within your introduction’s one-page limit, address comments point by point. Resubmissions Approvals to submit. You may also enhance the rest of your application by adding any new information and data you wish. January 29, Minutes: For Cycle 1 receipt dates September-October Councilyou often have to wait resubmissiln extra months before you get an award because the Institute does not yet have a budget for the following fiscal year.

Your resubmission can take one of two paths: January 29, Minutes: List potential reviewers in conflict and explain why. Table of Contents Considerations for Resubmissions Rules for Resubmitting Resubmission Timing Tips for a Strong Resubmission Application Considerations for Resubmissions You probably want to jump right into your leter, but first check your original funding vover announcement FOA to confirm it hasn’t expired, you still meet eligibility requirements, and NIAID or your chosen institute still participates.

Father of the NIH Kinyoun: You aren’t limited to revising only items mentioned in the summary statement.

resubmission cover letter nih

Keep in mind, if you list potential reviewers in conflict, acceptable explanations are conflict of interest, competitor, or long-standing scientific disagreement. You may want to begin revising even before you get your summary statement since waiting may cause you to miss the next receipt date.


resubmission cover letter nih

Then ask yourself these questions:. Don’t hesitate to make other changes. Research Strategy Section They made the corresponding changes are described in the introduction.

Keep in mind you might not have a study section choice for some funding opportunity announcements, e. Use the forms from the most current funding opportunity announcement, and scan the funding opportunity announcement to see if anything has changed. Your new study section sees resubmisslon summary statement and expects you to make appropriate changes. Read more at Plan Ahead for Video.

resubmission cover letter nih

Be respectful even if you disagree. If you’re cramped for space, don’t drop important details in favor of making space to address reviewer comments. Your program officer may be able to advise you as you consider application changes. Revising and Requesting the Same Study Section.

Content last reviewed on May 4, The applicants used formatting and sectioning to highlight key points and make it easier for reviews to read the text.