Re-enrolling If you are re-enrolling in your program, please re-enrol by the last date in December for the following year as advised at www. The school provides a number of academic programs which are of high quality that help graduates to enter into the wealth management and accounting professions. Only successful candidates will be contacted. If you are a woman commencing engineering studies in in aerospace, mechanical, manufacturing or sustainable systems engineering, this scholarship can provide you with financial assistance in your first year of study. If original scholarship eligibility requires enrolment in a specific program, you cannot retain that scholarship if transferring to another program.

Additionally, RMIT promises a vibrant and fulfilling learning environment. Your scholarship will be terminated if you take a leave of absence in first semester. The university boasts an impressive reputation for both teaching and research, leading to it obtaining a 5-Star QS ranking for excellence in higher education. Students will also practice university level study skills through this program. After you have accepted your scholarship offer, any further correspondence will be via your RMIT student email account. The New Academic Street precinct is a whole new student experience with 32, square metres of inspiring design and innovative technology. However, it will remain the property of RMIT.

Any monies already paid will be required to be repaid to the Coursework Scholarships Office. You will be required to submit the annual report to the Coursework Scholarships Office during semester 2. If you can transfer your scholarship to a new program, the length of your scholarship will not extend to meet your new program if it is longer than your previous program.

rmit coursework scholarships office

The scholarship cannot be extended past two years of payment. The most current version of these Terms and Conditions is located on the scholarships website www.


Commonwealth Scholarship payments cannot be brought forward. There are separate Terms and Conditions that apply to Commonwealth Scholarships; they are not contained within this document.

The New Academic Street precinct is a whole new student experience with 32, square metres of inspiring design and innovative technology.

rmit coursework scholarships office

Your scholarship duration is based on your original program and provisional scholarship offer letter. These scholarships seek to recognise and reward talented female students who can demonstrate academic achievement.

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Payment schedules provided by the Coursework Scholarships Office may be subject to change without notice. Click here to sign up. Specific scholarsships conditions 5. His award-winning work comprises of an artificial brain of neural networks, as well as universal learning algorithms that enable energy suppliers to predict and analyse power usage via smart meters, while also allowing for better efficient network control.

If you reduce your enrolment and are given permission keep your scholarship, you will continue to receive full scholarship payments at the full-time rate for a rmmit of not more than the duration on your offer letter. Equipped with live market data feed from the likes of Thomson Reuters and a number of financial analysis tools, RTF allows students to get real-world and practical experience in trading.

If you do not undertake your travel rimt indicated in your successful application, you must repay all monies paid to you in relation to this scholarship.

Scholarships for Rimt in Courswork. A past recipient may be eligible to apply for another RMIT Study Support Scholarship if you are enrolling in a program which is increasing in level e.

You are advised to report your scholarship payments to Centrelink if you are in receipt of ongoing Centrelink payments. Your scholarship will be terminated if you take a leave of absence in first semester.


It is your responsibility to inform the Coursework Scholarships Office if there is a change in address or banking details throughout the semester.

2018 Engineering Scholarships for Women at RMIT in Australia

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Coursework Scholarships Office contact details: Graduate School of Business and Law The school is acknowledged across the region of Asia Pacific as one of the leaders in both business management and law education, offering work-related education as well as training. School of Economics, Finance and Marketing The School of Economics, Finance and Csholarships offers students high quality and innovative research opportunities as well as teaching programs which respond to industry needs.

The SEH College reserves the right to distribute these scholarships across a range of engineering programs to ensure women with a diverse range of engineering interests are included among the recipients. You will then be offered the ability to purchase the notebook for a small amount from the Coursework Scholarships Office.

The Grant cannot be transferred or held over to a following year. Log In Sign Up. Students will qualify for this scholarship if they: See courseework 5 for individual scholarships and their termination clauses.

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Introduction Before you accept your provisional scholarship offer, please read r,it of the following Terms and Conditions. Generally, the employment must not exceed eight 8 hours in any one week if you are to retain status as a full-time student.

rmit coursework scholarships office

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