Play provides the teachers with cues and vehicles for assessing children and implementing curriculum goals. Research demonstrates that multiple exposures greatly improve learner retention of new knowledge. When teachers use feedback to guide their practice, then they amplify their impact on student learning. It requires discovering facts in which judgment could be based. Some research shows student achievement is maximized when teachers structure lessons so that they: Those skills are technical skills and livelihood programs which may help the students and graduates to become skilled workers of the future. With a focus on meaningful learning, the teacher uses strategies such as cooperative learning strategies and strategic selection of groups to establish an atmosphere of cooperation and collaboration.

Part I includes the profile of the teacher respondents. Is there a significant relationship between technical skills and academic performance of the respondents? Some of the most common math learning problems include: Convert fraction to decimal and vice versa The formula used to find the distance between two points, whether or not they are aligned horizontally or vertically. By maria bernadette babaran.

Significance of the Study …………… Calculate cost of production. Synthesis of the Related Literature and Studies.

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Play helps a child do the following: Motivation is needed at any level of education. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: Children also learn colors, numbers, size and shapes. Receive and inspect electrical supplies, materials and tools. How may the factors of the study be utilized in integration of games in other math topic?


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When calooacn use feedback to guide their practice, then they amplify their impact on student learning. Remember me on this computer. In the study of Kumazhege et. Chavez Executive Vice President Atty. For this, Municipal Ordinance No.

sample thesis of university of caloocan city

Metacognitive strategies empower students to think about their own thinking. Remember me on this computer. Game Stage, as a role-play becomes more complex, children enter into the game stage of the development of the self. To strengthen linkages between the university and industry partners and professional organization.


Here the researchers will find out if the technical skills have a relationship to the academic performance of the students. Select measuring instruments Intrinsic motivation arises from a desire to learn a topic due to its inherent interests, for self-fulfillment, enjoyment and to achieve a mastery of the subject. The researchers will have to ask permission first on their department head to conduct a study on the BSE TLE students. They will also be asked to give suggestions or comments.

Director, Budget and Finance Office Dr. Whatever its form, it always comprises specific advice a student can use to improve their performance.

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In Setting Goals, Effective teachers set and communicate clear lesson goals to help students understand the success criteria, commit to the learning, and provide the appropriate mix of success and challenge. By scaffolding the learning, worked examples support skill acquisition and reduce the cognitive load for learners.

The study is specifically aimed to seek answers the following questions: Students with various intellectual abilities, from multicultural and diverse socio-economic backgrounds are the object of this educational process.

Check conditions of tools and equipment Fourth is Worked Examples. Apply freehand sketching Competition may undermine motivation for learning and enhancing motivation is thseis in fostering student achievement and success.

The use of univesrity skills and sensations to learn about materials and their properties, what they feel like and what can be done with them. Technical skills are also known as hard skills or skills that are more on practice rather than theory. He defines four categories of Play as: