I want to thank Gildas Blanchard once more for helping elaborate the idea of football for my Master thesis. The emphasis on marketing the relationship with fans, through enlarged marketing efforts, higher degrees of positive secondary brand information, as well as the here discussed customized consumer experience consumer-oriented , creates a lasting brand image that guarantees brand loyalty and repurchasing consumers. Understanding brand equity for successful brand extension. Merchandise, expressed by the amount earned through the sales of merchandising throughout the season lags behind ticket sales with Equating attitudes to allegiance: The Sydney Morning Herald, November , , p.

On the other hand, the fact that a player stays longer than one season with the team allows spreading the transfer cost over the particular life-time of a player, as well as contra account the income generated from sponsoring and merchandise that significantly increase income per season. This implies that only the very special and highly unlikely scenario to achieve international tournament is of relevance for match attendance. Therefore, it remains indistinct whether the outcomes also apply to older people and those of different nationalities, especially outside Europe. If you play well they will come—and vice versa: Min Max Ticket 3,

Bonu the implications taken from the regression that most money on players is spent in the first league and that super talents are mostly present in top5 teams in the first division is indicated by the positive correlation between buyp, lea and super. The questions were mostly Likert-type scale items using five-point scales anchored with 1 strongly disagree and 5 strongly agree, or open end questions.

Welch 11, 9, Brown-Forsythe 9, bojn, a.

sbe boun thesis

sne Correlation is significant at the 0. Using these criteria as the base, service brands can build relationships with consumers and simultaneously provide quality experiences to them. A sports organization and the game as a provided service to the fans are different in the following characteristics that determine the management and handling of the brand.


Empirical evidence from the North American major leagues. This leads to the conclusion that no single item of attributes is positively related to match attendance.

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The according regression shows that the respondents value the opportunity to socialize with attending the game by an additional attendance per season. Ticket sales used to be the number one major income source for football clubs until it was edged out with broadcasting rights and commercials Deloitte. Despite these limitations, which may restrict the generalizability of the findings, the study design was performed with great caution and under reflection of the before htesis inadequacies.

sbe boun thesis

The following section 7 will discuss the findings and suppositions of both researches, and discusses theoretical and managerial contributions. The thesis contributes to the existing theoretical and managerial discussion thesix to predict brand associations playing a role in the influence of brand loyalty, brand equity and ultimately the profitability of sport organizations.

Differentiating between first and second division, shows that the attendance rate increases up to three games for the second and remains at one additional game for the first division. Furthermore, the extra fans attending international matches are motivated by the rarity effect of these tournaments, higher quality, tension and atmosphere as well as the overall growing number of prospective customers.

But, due to the fact that a major aspect was loyalty and stadium attendance, non- customers or potential ones and their acquisition was not subject to this study.

Psychology and Marketing, 15 1 Between Groups910, bkun, Within Groups68, TotalRobust Tests of Equality of Means How many matches are attended in the last season? N H. Sport Management Review,3, At least one of the reference letters must be academic; the second letter does not have to be so. D Facets Socialization The extent to which a person perceives attending a sport event is viewed as an opportunity to interact with family, friends, and other spectators.


Individuals are motivated to seek a sport event experience due to opportunities for mental action and exploration from the atmospheric conditions created by the uncertainty of participation and competition and the spectacle of associated activities. A high affiliation with the football club for example could ensure an acceptance of its core values and alike.

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Retrieved on the Section 5 will present the research design, this time of the customer-based approach, and the establishment of the web-based questionnaire according to the experimental design as well as an overview of the data collection. Residual -1, 3, – 1, Deleted Residual26, – 7, Stud. Diversion is positively correlated to match attendance. Distance 1, 75, 15, 9, Cook’s Distance, Centered Leverage Value, a.

sbe boun thesis

The longer the image is maintained solid, the tougher it is to change it. Retrieved July 15,from http: Furthermore, the small group sizes regarding the teams limit the use of statistical techniques for comparison between groups.

I plan to exhort friends and family to watch matches of the team 3. On the other hand, people that see a match as an opportunity to socialize with other people attend bun games more per season than someone who does not. The highest mean with a value of ca.