If you have a background in a practice area a firm has, it will be viewed favourably. When applying for firms, look at your academic transcript. We’re on social media! In reality, a bit of research will reveal that each has its own distinct culture and areas of specialisation. Interpersonal Skills To be a successful lawyer, you need to be personable and people orientated as your ability to relate to people is a core skill of legal practice.

Proof read your cover letter several times. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. Cover Letter Remember that the point of a cover letter is not to re-write your resume in prose form. Your work experience or other activities may demonstrate that you are a team player and are confident in working in a group to achieve an aim. An alternative structure would be to have two main reasons why you want to work at the firm and put those in the first substantive paragraph. Use plain English in your cover letter as this shows an ability to clearly communicate.

What distinguishes that firm from others? Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. A really obvious but helpful suggestion It can be shown through marks achieved in certain subjects, awards, extra-curricular activities, extra training courses and more!

You can expect to spend almost as much time researching your clerkship applications as you would a law assignment. The header should contain your name and contact details and samppe match the header of your cover letter for consistency and to show attention to detail. Add this document to collection s.


Your cover letter, CV and application form will be a test of your written skills. Thank you for your time and consideration, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application and prospects further with you, I can be contacted on Yours sincerely, Jenny Courthouse monash.

These are all key criteria firms look at, so need to be in your first sentence. In reality, a bit of research will reveal that each has its own distinct culture and areas of specialisation.

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

Before you start writing the cover letter, thoroughly research the firm. Identify the firm culture. This structure is ideal as it gives you the opportunity to show how hard you have researched the firm, shows how enthusiastic you are about the firm, and enables you to weave your previous experiences into the paragraphs to show what you can bring to the firm.

Some aspects of my experience are: I look forward to hearing from you. I have chosen to apply to Lawyers Plus as I am enthused by your Values statement and the subject of many of your higher profile cases attracted my strong attention.

Use plain English in your cover letter as this shows an ability to clearly communicate.

When you have your answer, thank them for their time and move on. The submission method varies between firms: Find us on social.

seasonal clerkship cover letter sample

Most firms require a CV, covering letter and academic transcript from would-be clerks. Strong marks in subjects that correspond with practice areas of a firm are advantageous.

Law Graduate in Pink: How to write a clerkship cover letter that will get you an interview*

This sentence is important. Mastering the Clerkship Application. For example if the firm says on the Career pages on its website that adaptability is important, make sure you cover that somewhere. What skills do firms look highly upon? For example, if you want to seasomal property law and you have achieved a high result cvoer Real Property, make this clear to the firm in your cover letter.


You can add this document to your study collection s Sesonal in Available only to authorized users. Interest While many applicants say they are interested in certain positions and practice groups, to distinguish yourself you must substantiate those claims.

This shows a genuine interest in this particular area. There are many opportunities for employers to examine your communication skills during the recruitment process: In the second substantive paragraph you will then cover your legal work experience, written and oral communication skills, time management skills, team work skills and any relevant extracurricular interests.

– Law (Clerkships) Sample Cover Letter

You need to come up with two or three reasons you would like to work at the firm. For example, you may have done some mediation work and may wish to practice in the dispute resolution practice area of the firm. Firms love JD students who have prior industry covrr in sectors their clients work in.