We achieved all this with pride because we learned to respect and be tolerant of other cultures and beliefs in our journey of nation-building, instead of creating chaos to disrupt our progress. I met my wife here, my children were all born and grew up here. But my first extended stay in Singapore, for more than a week or so at a time, was at the age of 20 when I came here for national service. History comprises both the universally experienced, historically momentous events and the small, personal milestones of each person. If we put that all together to sculpt a single, proverbial Merlion identity, it will be iconic and recognisable more to foreigners than to us.

Skip to main content. Singapore is my home because whoever I was, or am now, or want to be, I feel I can be that person here. We wanted to do something for the everyday people. We have equal opportunity to pursue education and career without discrimination. And celebrations on Aug 9 began on a reflective and poignant note. Instead, by sharing stories of who we are, we find resonance with each other.

Such is the age gap that most of the people who worked with him have passed on and those who worked directly under him have long retired. A video paying tribute to his life and achievements was played as the spectators fell silent, some wiping away tears. I’m not sure; and I will always remember that Mr Lee Kuan Yew once told me to my face that the only smart thing I ever did was to marry a Singaporean – because he was wise to know that through Claire, I would find a sense of home.

sg50 celebration essay

Under its “50 Bridges” programme, a series of arts and community engagement events were presented to Singapore. Today, I daresay, Singapore comprises multiple identities. But I was not born here, neither did I study nor live here. With interest group for music lovers, nice songs with beautiful lyrics can be translated and shared. Like a bowl of salad, mixing more vegetables or fruits add flavour when their taste complements one another.


The SG50 Seniors package was announced in May this year. In other words, you and I are not cogs in a machine, or grains of sand, or drops in the ocean. This year we march into our 50th year of independence where we celebrate our rise from a rural island to successful country.

I received my naturalised citizenship by a technicality – because my father was Ambassador of Singapore to Thailand and our home since childhood became, technically, sovereign Singapore territory. Instead, by sharing stories of who we are, we find resonance with each other.

Many personal stories, one Singapore identity

We have equal opportunity to pursue education and career without discrimination. Keepsakes like a figurine of Singa, the iconic mascot of the Singapore Kindness Movement, wssay featured in the tote bag. Our identity may have started more as a rojak salad than as an artificial Merlion but over time even the rojak salad will evolve further, with new and unusual ingredients, while the Merlion remains an unnatural and static animal.

However over-emphasis on ethnic identity may segregate races and derail our goal of building strong national identity. It was the first synchronised National Day observance ceremony.

Our leaders celebrtion walk among and not ahead of us; they will be part of, and not simply lead, the fssay conversation. Fifty of the most endearing places, based on the frequency of mentions, were used to create a first-of-its-kind, crowd-sourced “heart map” which includes Changi Airport and Toa Payoh, the first satellite town in Singapore.

sg50 celebration essay

Copyright – The Online Citizen Rajagopal on the theme of personal stories connected to Singapore. Not wanting to limit the grand experience to one night, the concert has fuelled the Sing50 Fund, which seeks to promote and preserve Singapore’s pop music heritage via schools, performances and educational platforms.

Though I can do a decent Singlish by now, my natural accent is between English and American, and my Mandarin has no dialect overtones.

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They included items used for games like erasers with countries’ flags on them and capteh weighted shuttlecock and snacks such as muruku and haw flakes. It is a continual and never-ending work in progress of an essau people. The stamps issued by the national postal service providers of Singapore and Thailand featured the traditional Thai dessert mango sticky rice and the ice-cream sandwich commonly sold on Singapore’s streets.


So for several years as a teenager I raised the flag every morning at our hastily erected flagpole on technically Singapore soil, and eventually I qualified to be a citizen. Few young people today have ever known him other than as the textbook father of independent Singapore.

Maternity wards around the ewsay were kept busy on Aug 9 as Singaporean babies were born. The back of the note features Singapore’s first National Day Felebration on Aug 9,and the latest new town of Punggol.

Esday other persons, whose music is the silent spaces between the notes, also believe what I just said, so that we can honestly declare that cohesive diversity – this delightful oxymoron – is the unique marker of the Singapore identity? Glad so many are joining in at all the events. The ssg50 cinematic project by seven of Singapore’s award-winning film directors was declared an acclaimed hit within days of its limited essy in July.

Ms Yeo, who worked in finance for 25 years, said: My eldest son’s only memory of Mr Lee was when he and his wife visited my family on the funeral of my father, some 16 years ago when Ren Hua was only a teenager and Mr Lee was already 75 years old.