Choose file and select open. How do I login to MyMaths? Existing users of show my homework can do the same if they wish. This way, if you lose it and someone hands it in then we will know who it belongs to. How can I work on my school files from home? With Office 3: Please be aware that the main text of the email will not be encrypted.

If you are a student of the college: To install the certificate please complete the following steps: These steps must be completed outside of the college or by using your mobile data:. This only needs to be done once. The guide showing this can be accessed here. How can I work on my school files from home?

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palnsley DO NOT tell anyone else your password. For more information click here. If you have forgotten either of them, you will need to see Mrs C. How do I print?

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It is also a website. The print pin code is displayed on your College desktop when you log in. You are allowed to use a USB storage device or memory stick in College but only use it to keep copies of your work. Alternatively, do not make it too easy for others to guess what it is. If done correctly the switch will go green. Enter your username and password in the login box. Shoe coursework files in your work area.


Choose this printer and bomework print.

Download the correct installation instructions for your system. Other software packages like OpenOffice or LibreOffice will also work for simple documents but not all the more advanced features of Microsoft Office are supported by these other Office programs so more complex MS Office documents may not work fully in College.

When asked to sign in, use your email address and computer xhow.

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Foldr can now unify your work area, College network shares and Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage space in one interface. Once the steps above have been completed and you want to connect to the college WiFi, follow the instructions below:. It is a good idea to rename the memory stick itself to your own name, or put your name in a text file on the root of the drive.

How do I log into Show My Homework? Choose file and select open. Type in a password. Can I use a Memory Stick to save my Work? With software installed on your home computer. Enter your email address and it will take you to another login box where you enter your email address in the username section and then shpw your password in the box below.


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The best place to save your college work is to your N: This is backed up regularly so if any data goes missing from there it can be honework. Please download the Office guide for Staff.

show my homework painsley

How can I work on my school files from home? Firstly the file has to be made available to Office You can drag, drop, copy and paste your files into this drive and then access them using the Office website or the Painsley VLE using any computer that has Internet access. If you are a guest: Foldr is installed on your iPad and you can also install it on your other mobile devices should you wish. How do I access my school email from home?

How do I login to MyMaths? If you are a student of the college: Using Painsley Home 1: To register, the College first has to have your e-mail address and mobile phone details in our database.