Even though sometimes I feel as if it is too hard I know that it is making me stronger and that stronger is better. Because of Moo Do I have been able to learn many special things about Soo Bahk and other things in life. Get notified of next article via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to my blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The other concept tied in with the Dan Bon is the concept of seniority and with that seniority, respect through the Moo Duk Kwan system. Through much work on my part, they finally let me go, and I had one of the best vacations of my life. It means standing up for yourself and your friends, not running away from your fears, holding that pose until your arms and legs sting with pain.

Sometimes I lose the next move in a form, or a ho sin sool. How there are the heavens, the earth, the fire and water. Overall, Soo Bahk Do has become one of the things that I hope to continue because I hope that if I continue training I will continue to become a better and stronger person. I do this by obeying my elders and following what they tell me to do. I also have a fear of breaking boards.

I have also learned how to defend my self. The following essay was written by Eoghan Knibbe 10 years old for his red belt test: I have learned that taking the more difficult path makes all the difference in the world.

I realize that it may be many more years before I can learn to do flying jump kicks like Jackie Chan or Jet Li, but I also realize that what I have learned from Soo Bahk Do already has been, and will be much more important my life.

For me I am always very abhk when people say they do karate dqn something and I can say that I do Baho Bahk Do because Soo Bahk Do is special and it is not just about fighting there is an art to it and it is as if it is almost a dance. I showed courage in church by bearing my testimony in sacrament meeting this month. Even though sometimes I feel as if it is too hard I dah that it is making me stronger and that stronger is better.


My Dan Bon signifies the connection through me back to all of the instructors and students who have come before me, and who have trained and in some ways improved this martial art. Movements are done in a certain way for similar reasons.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

It is a way of life. Shadowplay by Tad Williams February 22, As a white belt, I had thought that the honesty was meant mainly for us to tell the truth to our instructors. I feel good about Soo Bahk Do and that I should keep trying.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

Master Brian Corrales has inspired me for so long, and Mr. In some texts, Ki is described as control of bioelectrics, similar to those people who can control their body and bioelectric feedback mechanisms.

Control and focus of action and woo at a single point in time and space is one of the goals and benefits of training in shim gung, neh gung and weh gung.

When we have to hold a pose, I try not to let my arms drop and I try to look straight ahead. To me, Soo Bahk Do means dedication and commitment. Through much work on my part, they finally let me go, and I had one of the best vacations of my life.

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Soo Bahk Do has helped me physically because I have gotten so much stronger and more flexible. Se addition, they must be strengthened by the other four values of Moo Do to fulfill their meaning. We need courage to break through the mental barriers leading to maturation.

It would not only explain why Ki is not measurable, it would also explain the power of Ki and might also explain why it is so difficult to master.

Some barriers essa be thicker than others, but we can get through them all if we have enough courage to break them down. Snarr has taught me to be confident in myself.


And after many years of difficulties and political repression, Grand Master and Moo Duk Kwan bahm. I told my parents about how I had seen the password on accident and she changed the password, this experience helped me be more honest, and helped me to be safe.

These three concepts are my favorites at this time in my MOO DO training because I feel it impossible to assess my past, presence, and future performance without being honest with myself and others.

I come to Soo Bahk Do, however, because I truly love it. When I concentrate in piano I can play better.

my cho dan essay – livejournal: who

He said I am ready to test and I believe him. Kids would make fun of my voice, push me over, and punch me and many other things. Snarr has helped me because he has helped me to understand that breaking is just breaking a big piece of paper. I often esaay of being able to do the flying kicks that they did so effortlessness.

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I was a wimpy slouched over kid. Below is her essay she wrote during her Cho Dan test:. Dan Bon’s list was created by Kwan Jan Nim Hwang Kee in to identify those already certified in Moo Duk Kwan, at first only 4 students completed the training for Cho Dan, among them was the late Master Chang Kim who has the Dan Bon number 1 The Dan Bon tells us the place that all Dan members have on the list, regardless of age, weight, height or country, your place as a member will always be respected.