Israeli Palestinian Archaeology Working Group. On the nodal inference side, the focus is specifically on multi-relational networks. Orthopaedic Surgical Anatomy Teaching Collection. These questions are addressed separately with a simple but novel model for each. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article. Peace Corps Korea Archive. The second construction rotates an integer lattice through an angle whose tangent is a quadratic irrational number.

Further, we provide multivariate extensions of our results, obtain correlation inequalities by using couplings and make the connections to Stein’s method more transparent by an understanding of fixed points of distributional transformations. This new technique appears to be a reasonable alternative to exisitng methods for maximum likelihood estimation in models with unknown normalizing constants. Russian Satirical Journals Collection. In the second part of this thesis we study random constraint satisfaction problems in which replica symmetric heuristics are expected to fail. These questions are addressed separately with a simple but novel model for each. On the power breakdown of the negative exponential disparity tests.

Chatterjee , Dey : Applications of Stein’s method for concentration inequalities

Los Angeles Star Collection, Add or remove collections. Ailing Zhang Eileen Chang Papers, However, many problems in real-world applications are defined over much more general spaces, such as triangle, spheres, spherical triangles and discs. We develop an interpolation scheme for proving replica symmetric bounds, and apply it to establish tthesis results dourav the free energy of some classical models of statistical physics, including the Ising, Potts, and hard-core models.


In full generality, this operation raises subtle questions of measurability, which are resolved using a new “compatibility condition. The wrinkle patterns appear and disappear in timescales ranging from tens of seconds to as little as a second depending on the voltage actuating the shape memory alloy wire. Silver Lake History Collective.

sourav chatterjee thesis

Surprisingly, not much is known about the optimal dependence of the convergence rate on the dimension of the vectors. On the other hand, the tests based on multivariate depth functions the Liu-Singh rank sum statisticwhich includes the Tukey depth and the projection depthhave non-zero asymptotic efficiency.

Los Angeles City Archives. Probability theory and related fields, Methods for approximately computing the normalizing constant are carried out in all three examples, and a new technique for performing maximum likelihood estimation is developed in the last example.

[math/] Concentration inequalities with exchangeable pairs (Ph.D. thesis)

Estimating and understanding exponential random graph models S Chatterjee, P Diaconis The Annals of Statistics 41 5, Cassady Lewis Carroll Collection. Most widely held works by Sourav Chatterjee. Susan Hanley Photographs, Probability Theory and Related Fields, Gospel Music History Archive. Rare Books and Manuscripts Collection. Usually, concentration of measure is useful when more direct problem-specific approaches fail; as a result, it has massively gained acceptance over the last forty years.

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sourav chatterjee thesis

This approach constructs a design matrix by multiplying a vector of nodal features with each adjacency matrix in which the nodes are embedded. This new technique appears to be a reasonable alternative to exisitng methods for maximum likelihood estimation in models with unknown normalizing constants.


Allan Hancock Foundation Collection. For random walk on a graph, we prove a sharpening of a relationship established by Ding, Lee, and Peres between the cover time and the Gaussian free field.

Concentration inequalities with bounded couplings

We further discuss some of the issues of why transformations of the unit cube to the domain of interest fails to give good results. A two-dimensional shear lag model is developed to establish the important design parameters governing the formation of wrinkles. The method of proof is the well-established drift and minorization approach, which imposes a regenerative structure on the Markov chain according to a particular recipe.

The first is a version tesis the van der Corput sequence customized to the unit triangle.

UC Berkeley

We introduce two QMC constructions in the triangle with a vanishing discrepancy. Moreover, the dynamics ages extremely in the same way as REM.

The system can’t perform the operation now. Invited talk at Probability seminar, Stanford University, March 29, University of Southern California Dissertations and Theses