It lacks several features, including viewing images in full size on learning mode. Cheating on Quizlet is a very small minority of our usage, but people definitely do it and it is a problem. Disclosure of Material Connection: Watch a step-by-step tutorial video in the post below. Hey Andrew, thanks for doing this AMA! I searched several different ways. I wanted it to force me to reproduce the answer, and only give me credit if I could write it out correctly.

We have no specific plans right now What happened to it? Use the 5 Clue Challenge videos to simulate that experience on demand! It looks very elegant, so I assume it’s a custom framework. What exactly happened in between the time in when you created Quizlet and then when it was launched?

10 low-prep, high-return activities for class TOMORROW | Ditch That Textbook

For giving a graded quiz, under strict supervision of course, test scores sent directly to the teacher would be useful, or even just being able to see all of their scores on os for any given set and when they were completed.

In addition to those two games, we have Quizlet Live https: With the recent redesign, I’ve noticed that you seem to be putting much more emphasis on the apps than the website, and I’m curious what the division is between the two.

I had a great time! I really like the Quizlet logo and go it would look great as a phone case, but then you would have to make cases for all types of phones to keep everybody happy.



My question for you, what innovations do you have planned for the product? Anyway, I have a few suggestions. Watch a step-by-step tutorial video in the post below. Now that you’re out of school, do you still study in your free time?

10 low-prep, high-return activities for class TOMORROW

Would totally buy probem shirt. Keep up the awesome work! I’m actually using it right now Do you have any plans like new study methods coming up for quizlet? You guys have saved my ass many times.

Do you hire graduating high schoolers?

the four ps to problem solving are quizlet

If not, why is that? Yes, how do you address rumors that you’re actually an X-Man and created Quizlet to recruit people to your school for gifted youngsters?

Being able to do certain modes like history, science, etc. The name comes from “Quizlette” which is what my French teacher used to call the little vocabulary exams she would give us. You have no idea how much this has totally saved my butt some days. Or would you like it if you just got the content directly from the publisher?

It’s time to offer more on your end which can bring in more users. If I want quizleh kids to complete learn or speller for homework, and I want to see that they completed it. We do allow audio recording via Quizlet Plus. It’s really cool https: Is Quizlet actively looking for ways to deter this use of service or do you prefer to take a laissez-faire approach and let your consumers do as qiizlet wish? To me, the advantages of Quizlet Live are that it rewards accuracy over speed it’s not just who can answer fastest and it seamlessly integrates with the rest of Quizlet same content, multiple ways to learn.

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I originally thought that was a bad idea, for the same reasons you did, but when we tried it in px it worked really well. Truly the correct way to use this amazing website; to play games without “playing games”. Try one of the ideas below out or get a copy of the book! Do you plan to bring back the categorizing subjects to make it easier to search by subject?

First, thank you for helping me pass almost every class I have had to take a test in. As an open content platform, it’s difficult for us to tell when someone uploads content whether it will be used for cheating.

I was building it from my bedroom in the afternoons and weekends.

the four ps to problem solving are quizlet

We do visits at every type of school public schools, private schools, charter schools, art schools, ESL schools, etc.

Shared Slides lets students create in one shared class space.

tl An EduProtocol is a way to design lessons where the content changes but the way you teach it and your students learn it stay the same.