Supervisory teams submit an expression of interest for specific research projects within the nine strategic research areas. You will be required to satisfy the conditions before a full offer is issued. A number of scholarship schemes provide allowances for various costs. What are the nine strategic research areas for ? To be eligible for funding, you need to: Got a new job? Deferrals to subsequent years will not be approved.

This is an allowance which is available to university students who are living away from their permanent home to study. For further information, or for alternative awards, please refer to your scholarship guidelines. Internet Resources Welfare Rights www. What Can I Apply For? However, the University recognises that there are certain circumstances in which immediate public access to the thesis may not be desirable. If your supervisor does not support submission of your thesis and you decide to submit against their recommendation, your supervisor must notify both you and your Postgraduate Coordinator in writing of their concerns. How are the research areas and the supervisors selected?

It must be noted that it is a principle of the University that a thesis produced under a research higher degree program should be publicly fhesis.

If the thesis is submitted electronically, applications should be lodged with the Graduate Research School on research. In contrast to our other prestigious UNSW scholarship schemes, the Scientia scheme is targeted and applicants will apply to a specific research area with an identified supervisory team. The thesis allowance can only allwoance claimed on submission of the thesis.

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UNSW is supportive of candidates publishing their research results during their candidature. Recipients of the above scholarships may be entitled to a contribution to the costs associated with relocating themselves, their spouse and dependents to UNSW. Our aim is to achieve this by embracing the diversity and cultural richness of our communities; ensuring that our staff and students can achieve their full potential in a supportive and inclusive work environment.


Others support the costs involved attending conferences or conducting research or field work overseas. You will need to apply for an IPRS through allowance university you are applying for admission.

thesis allowance unsw

For outstanding students, the Centre may offer top-ups above the rates funded via scholarships. Domestic students email to: Referencing styles vary significantly from discipline to discipline.

Will standard leave allowances apply to these Scholarships? A number of these funding opportunities are made available to support research costs such as equipment, facilities, and printing. Your supervisor will unss you with editorial advice relating to the structure, substance, and tone of your thesis, along with your use of illustrations and tables.

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How are the research areas and the supervisors selected? Member Group of Eight. You will be required to satisfy the conditions before a full offer is issued. UNSW may pay a relocation allowance to scholarship holders who: Candidates should retain copies of all receipts for their own records as required, as submitted documents will not be returned. Award holders must check the individual conditions of their awards to determine which allowances they are eligible for.

If you are ready to submit your thesis, please visit Thesis Submission.

thesis allowance unsw

The relocation allowance can only be claimed on commencement of the scholarship. Allowance Application Procedure Domestic candidates: However, like any HDR candidate at UNSW, candidates will be monitored for satisfactory progress and continual poor performance would result in discontinuation. In particular, we aim to increase the intake and retention of Indigenous candidates, and will reserve at least five alpowance each for Indigenous research candidates.


A PhD of this kind is extremely challenging.

thesis allowance unsw

Allowance Application Procedure The OSHC allowance will be paid upon receipt of the Commencement of Study Form available on the Scholarship offer lettersubmitted as per instructions on the scholarship offer letter.

One of the nominated supervisors will act as a career mentor with primary responsibility for working with the candidate on refining their development plan.

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There are a number of allowahce you need to fulfill before submitting your thesis for examination. Thesis Writing Boot Camp Thesis Submission Seminar The Learning Centre runs numerous thesis writing seminars, workshops and resources Counselling and Psychological Services offers workshops on issues such as avoiding procrastination, time management and dealing with stress. If I have applied for another prestigious UNSW scholarship, will this preclude me from applying for a Scientia scholarship?

The honours year will consist of a research project culminating in the writing of a thesis. What exactly do you mean by mentoring and career development? Endeavour Postgraduate Award Closing Date: Multiple claims will not be processed. Recent Blogs Busan shows a new way to create a successful workshop Mathematics for Climate Change Detection and Attribution school International summer school on atmospheric teleconnections.