Complete an initial review and annual review All subsequent years: If you have access to the full version of Adobe Acrobat you will also be able to use this to convert your thesis to PDF format. After handing in your ‘Intention to Submit’ form to your Graduate School i. You must choose ‘Deposit item now’ once you are happy that everything is correct in order to complete the process. Theses Service staff will check the information you have provided and add further details.

If you have chosen to make your thesis available immediately with no embargoes it will appear in the repository shortly after deposit assuming there are no problems with the file you have deposited – if there are you will be contacted. You must choose ‘Deposit item now’ once you are happy that everything is correct in order to complete the process. If your thesis will not be embargoed do not complete this field. Training courses and credits are obtained through the Research Training Programme. At this point remedial action must be agreed upon if required. Files should be named according to the conventions outlined in the section on Thesis format. You will still be required to deposit this copy, and it will be held securely.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

Recommended at least 8 months prior to submission deadline Students within a year of the absolute thesis submission deadline will be interviewed specifically on their progress in thesis writing in the case of MSc R in one year, this may be dealt with at the progress review. If you need to deposit additional multimedia files that cannot be incorporated into the main PDF file you should use the same file name with the addition of information about the type of media being deposited.

Formatting Your Thesis – Enlighten: Theses

Included should be an approximately word report in the style of a journal appropriate to your discipline and suggested by your supervisor. If you are concerned that your PDF file is very large please contact theses theeis.

At this point remedial action must be agreed upon if required. Month 9 For those who commence in October the annual review must be completed by the end of August. Instructions for theses where access is to be restricted, either due to an embargo or due to the inclusion of 3rd party copyright material If you have been granted an embargo or if your thesis contains third party copyright material you do not have permission to include within the electronic version you should not deposit a copy of the full text of your thesis online.


If there is any other information about your thesis, e.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

If you have been granted an embargo the full text of your thesis will not appear publicly until after this period has elapsed ; however, the details about your thesis, e. Gladgow access to your thesis has been restricted for copyright reasons it will not appear in the repository at all unless you have also provided an edited version.

Ideally your thesis should consist of a single PDF file. Click on Next On the Abstract and keywords page copy and paste in the text of your abstract. Margins should be not less than 15mm, and 40mm at binding edge.

However, you may wish to make an edited version publicly available. If you are depositing the full text of your thesis online click on Upload full text of thesis Select PDF and click on Next. Filenames You should save the PDF version of your thesis using the following filename format: Select the appropriate Qualification level Enter the Year in which your degree will be awarded leave month and day blank. While you are strongly encouraged to attend this course, the documentation for the course can also be accessed here: Any students or members of staff who are unclear on their Institute or School policy are to contact their Postgraduate Conveners in the first instance.

Formatting Your Thesis

The maximum period for thesis submission is no later than 8 years. If an embargo has been granted, select the date three years from the date on which you are depositing. There are no restrictions on the univesrity of multimedia files that can be uploaded, but no guarantee can be give that such files will continue to be accessible in the future.

university of glasgow thesis submission mvls

If you have created the electronic version of your thesis using LaTeX then you are probably already proficient in producing PDF output. If you are unsure what to select you can opt not to choose any subjects – Library staff will select appropriate subjects for you. You do not need to complete the subject and keywords fields Click on Options and then on the link to PDF under Formats Next click on the Security tab Click on Use security Ensure that the option to disallow copying text and images is selected Click on Save You will now be back at the original screen – click on Save Name your file according to the convention specified Choose where you want to save the file to.


However, it is acceptable to deposit a small number of individual files if you experience major difficulties in producing a single file for conversion to PDF.

Depositing Your Thesis – Enlighten: Theses

If you are depositing the full text online you should select No, as your thesis should not contain any uncleared third party copyright material.

Hand in the electronic copy of your thesis on a CD or memory stick to your Graduate School along with the hard bound unicersity copy. Presentation of the print thesis The following guidelines apply specifically to the print version of your thesis: A formal note of the meeting and action points must be uploaded by the panel within one week of the interview.

It is recommended that you consult them if you are unsure of how to present your thesis. The above review format must be followed for each year of study, until the univeesity pending year is reached.

For further help with preparing your thesis you are strongly encouraged to attend the course on ‘ Using Word to prepare your thesis ‘ run by IT Services. Discuss with your supervisor whether or not there is a reason for restricting access to your thesis. If necessary, use the next box to provide any relevant information about 3rd party copyright material within your thesis.