Overview The graduate program in African and African Diaspora Studies AADS at UT is designed to provide students with the skills and perspectives necessary to engage in an interdisciplinary scholarly approach to examining the lives of people of African descent throughout Africa and the African Diaspora, publish scholarly work, engage in public and scholarly discourse on race and issues pertinent to the African Diaspora, and gain academic employment. I mean, I was learning about concepts, authors, artists, revolutionary figures and critical moments of my history that I had never been exposed to. I was exposed to the arts. Job Opportunities The Erskine A. All required documents, including letters of recommendation from UT faculty, must be submitted via ApplyTexas by the deadline. Recommendation of students for admission to candidacy 5. The Department is particularly strong in the fields of critical race theory, Black queer theory, Black political theory, Black arts and performance studies, Black Diaspora history and anthropology, and Black feminisms.

This is not only a recipe for happiness, but also a much better approach to the job market that exists. Students currently enrolled in other UT graduate programs are required to submit the same documents requested from external candidates:. Fellows also participate in professional development workshops focused on employment strategies and career development. As you come to understand yourself better, you will come to understand what it is that makes you unique, and what your specific talents are. Creation of new graduate courses and changes to graduate course inventory 2. Only you know what truly fulfills you, and only you can make it happen. I would be changing the trajectory of everything I had just been working for for the past four years, but to pass up the opportunity seemed asinine.

One professor that you consider to have been a mentor? Graduate Research Assistantships The department also offers a limited number of graduate research assistantships.

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Was there one professor that you connected with most while you were majoring in African and African Diaspora Studies? And they look, speak, live and act in all kinds of ways. Burdine provides preventative and specialized programming for African-American Students and will be holding Wellness Tuesday office hours in the Gordon-White Building.


Click here to schedule a consultation. Transcripts must be submitted from each senior college or university attended even if courses are recorded on multiple transcripts. The fellow must remain in residence for the 9-month academic year, deliver one public lecture, and teach one seminar course. It was during the fall semester of my senior year my first senior fdllowship will explain that I chose to become an AADS major.

ut-austin aads dissertation fellowship

Because of this, the network of people I know is much more varied than any corner of it ever anticipates. And so, it was written. All applications must be submitted as e-documents to: My family immigrated from the West Indies in the 80s.

The Research Fellow is obligated to be in residence in Austin during the entire academic year. Omi Jones certainly had the most impact on me—it was her course that introduced me to the field and to the department.

Black Studies Fellowships Information

Creation of new graduate courses and changes to graduate course inventory 2. Scholars specializing in Africa, U.

ut-austin aads dissertation fellowship

The thematic focus for this year’s fellowship is “Activist Research,” defined as a scholarly project that advances knowledge on questions of social justice as they pertain to communities of African descent. The Committee’s approach to admissions is holistic and considers the totality of the application; therefore no one element of the application will guarantee admission or denial to the program.

If applicants do not have an academic background in Black Studies, they should use both the statement of purpose and writing sample to demonstrate knowledge of Black Studies scholarship. You are what you need to invest in.

Burdine will host a support fellowsship, Black Voices the same day Each transcript mark sheet should contain a complete record of studies at the institution from which it is issued i. I went through the experience that many young folks of color do when they realize that their own world had been veiled from them.


The world is very binding—to material things, debt, borders, the flesh. The items should be submitted as a single PDF file in the order listed above. Eligible applicants must complete all requirements for the PhD, aside from the dissertation, by the start of the fellowship year.

You can invest in the Department as well as Black Studies and provide opportunities for students and faculty, either through planned giving or outright gifts. His Diaspora Vision course.

AADS Summer Internship and Study Abroad/Domestic Study Scholarship Essay Contest

You may bring in a paper, thesis, dissertation, grant proposal – any writing project in any discipline dissertatino and get immediate feedback for improving your work. The AADS Admissions Committee considers the applicant’s statement of purpose, an academic writing sample, three letters of recommendation didsertation professors who can attest to the applicant’s scholarly potential, grade point average, and GRE scores.

It was a shame that I had to be dissegtation college, a competitive one paying tuition, mind youto receive an education that should have already been provided to me. The AADS Graduate Admissions Committee may deny admission to students who have met the prescribed requirements when there are more qualified applicants that can adequately be instructed by the faculty or accommodated in the facilities. The mind is the most active part of our being. The Committee places a strong emphasis on the statement of purpose and writing sample.

Moreover, in the real world, people want to see what you can do, not what degree you possess.