Expand details Adhere to the same deadlines for academic record change notices. You are reimbursed for expenses upon return from your travel. If this form is not received and approved in time, you may not receive permission to take the course s. Return to secondary navigation. Formerly the “Leave of Absence with Permission” form. The second type of name change is a preferred name change.

This form, once completed, is to be submitted it to the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies. If this form is not received and approved in time, you may not receive permission to take the course s. A request to extend this option must be approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies or designate prior to the expiry date. It is important to verify that the name we have on file is correct for these official documents. Individual interdisciplinary INTD graduate program students should complete this form if you need a program change. Skip to secondary navigation.

The form should be completed by the student in conjunction with their supervisor or graduate advisor, and submitted to the Graduate Admissions and Records office. Request for candidacy extension.

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Your name is an important part of your identity at UVic, as it will appear officially on your transcripts and on your diploma. Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Skip to global menu. Skip to primary navigation. Review the calendar regulations regarding the implications on your program time limit before extensions are requested. Graduate Admissions and Uuvic co-op work term results submission form.


Personal Information Change Form. At this time, compare your final thesis to the thesis format checklist and sample pages. For an official name change, you must contact the Graduate Admissions and Records Office to provide them with this form in order to change the name that appears on your student record.

When your thesis format has been approved, the UVic librarians will archive and publish your thesis. Verification of Enrolment formerly Confirmation of Registration.

Withholding your thesis or dissertation

The second type of name change is a preferred name change. Full details are available in the calendar. Under this agreement, graduate students of the member universities may take courses at another member institution for credit in their graduate programs.

uvic thesis withholding form

Individual departments may have earlier deadlines, review our program specific deadlines or contact the relevant department directly. Skip to global menu. UVicSpace is like a virtual shelf of published theses and dissertations on the library website. Skip to primary navigation.

The ROE must include the name, address, telephone number and email address for the proposed external examiner. Thesis Boot Camp Application Form. Co-operative education work term registration form for graduate studies. Return to global menu. Co-op work term results submission. This written agreement is completed by the visiting research students, their home supervisors, and their UVic supervisors.


An annual research progress report detailing the achievements of the previous year and the objectives for the next year is required by the national research councils and must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Return to page content.

Withholding your thesis or dissertation – University of Victoria

Submit this form if you are enrolled in a graduate program of study at an accredited or recognized university and wish to withholdign in research activity at UVic. Expand details This form must be submitted and all approvals must be obtained well in advance of the start date of the course s you plan to take.

Sign in to online tools Sign out UVic Search. Non-thesis oral examination checklist. When you have successfully defended your thesis or dissertation, and you have made all corrections withjolding by your examining committee, your supervisor will confirm that your work is ready for submission to UVicSpace.

A GARO clerk will review the format of your thesis, using the same checklist. Your supervisor will review this form with you and send a copy to the INTD graduate adviser. Return to primary navigation.

uvic thesis withholding form