All part-time students must successfully complete the 5. A course attempt having a failing grade may be repeated only twice. Senior Course Requirements At least A course that must be successfully completed prior to registration for credit in the desired course. Please be advised that the South Annex elevator is currently out of service until further notice.

Adjudication A period of academic assessment by the Departments, Faculties, and Affiliated University Colleges concerned to determine a student’s eligibility for admission to, progression in, or graduation from requested degree and module choices. Have you reviewed the common course policy to ensure you have taken the appropriate number of substitute courses if your modules have more than 1. Average Requirements The minimum average requirements for each module must be met. If you wish to ensure you are registered in the correct courses for the fall term. If you have questions about these requirements, see an academic counsellor. See Breadth Requirements for Bachelor Degrees.

A Minor module is comprised of 4. Extra modules which are taken within the degree but not essential for the degree, e.

uwo breadth requirements essay

Part-time students who have a substantial background and interest in a particular subject area are eligible, on written recommendation of the Dean of their Faculty, to register in a senior course pertinent to that subject prior to the completion of a first-year course. Bring with you the work you have done on your own module and degree checks. The majority of the courses in each module must be completed through Western University.


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A course attempt is a course registration that is not dropped by the Last day to drop deadline date in the Undergraduate Sessional Dates in the Academic Calendar the latest, including all revisions, will essxy found on the Office of the Registrar web site. Senior Course Requirements At least 8. A degree with a single Minor is not available. Now that you have completed your module check, go to Step 4.

uwo breadth requirements essay

This module is available only in the Bachelor Degree Four-Year. See Breadth Requirements for Bachelor Degrees. Sign up for Remind Today!

Thank you for your cooperation. Courses that are not required as part of a module within a degree but are required to complete the total number of courses needed for a degree.

A second degree is not conferred. Satisfactory completion of at least 2.

Breadth Requirements – Academic Counselling – Western University

First Year Requirements Satisfactory completion of 5. If you have special permissions or transfer credits on your record, skip this step and go to Step 3. A maximum of 5.

Students who are admitted to Western with transfer credits, and who are admitted with advanced standing must complete a minimum of Check if your modular and cumulative averages are healthy. Breadth Requirements At least 1. Average Requirements The minimum average requirements for each breqdth must be met.


Breadth Requirements

The majority of courses in each module must be completed through Western University or one of the Affiliated University Colleges. Academic Handbook, Registration, Registration and Progression. South Annex Elevator May 23, Please be advised that the South Annex elevator is currently out of service until further notice. Satisfactory completion of 5.


A Major or Minor module which is completed after graduation. Structure of the Degree Return to top. No concessions are allowed for average and mark requirements for graduation with Double Major modules in an Honors Bachelor Degree. Grad checks submitted after this date are not guaranteed results before the deadline to make fall course changes. Residency Requirements Of the For information on modular and cumulative averages, click here.

uwo breadth requirements essay

Effective September 1,as a result of the Undergraduate Reform, the requirement for graduation from the Bachelor Degree Four-Year is successful completion of Note that you need a minimum of