I emailed the lecturer about this after as my colleagues were also surprised, and had no info on this more The course features practical experience options and the university has partnerships with international and local businesses. Campus is a joke, my classroom has holes in the ceiling and computers run sluggishly. Student has failed repeatedly to satisfactorily complete practicum requirements regardless of the final grade for the unit. Academic support exists only in theory.

Deferred Exam Due to illness or misadventure, with approval by the Senior Manager, Student Operations for the student to sit a late alternative to the scheduled final exam. The academic transcript must be ordered and paid for online, using Ipay. But, the tutors gave us assignments to create adverts that only served to further UWS Agenda. The course changed to a four year program which left third year’s with coding art using free software called Processing not industry standard and projection art, which also will not get you a job in the digital art and design industry, and scientific research requiring learning paradigms and methodologies. By member On 16th December This tells me that UWS is not a great place to spend my educational dollars.

One downside of this University sadly are the students. By member On 17th May StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to report, vote, and leave reviews, you need to rssults a free account. Examination papers and final major assessments are kept for a period of 12 calendar months following the end of the relevant teaching session.

By member On 27th April By member On 25th November Can anyone guide me regarding this or want to share any experience? No career help whatsoever and one lecturer deserted us halfway through the year with absolutely no explanation or form of communication even letting us know she would not be returning, Assessment and exam results take about three-four uas to come back and lecturers do not keep you in the loop. A PF grade must be approved by the Dean and submitted with supporting documentation.


The course was to be a two year top-up course rwsults promised many things that are no longer available. By member On uas April The career prospects for this course are good as it is an internationally respected degree. Normally the system “Safemedicate”, gives instant results as it automatically marks.

uws coursework results

All the time UWS is in the headlines for the wrong reasons: Unsatisfactory Student has not met defined standards at an appropriate level within a specified time. Compulsory Fail Student has failed a threshold requirement of the unit, but has achieved a total mark of 50 or more for the unit. The career prospects for this course are good as it is an internationally respected degree.

Assessment Policy – Criteria and Standards-Based Assessment

If the student is identified as eligible and approved to graduate, this will be noted on the transcript. Easy to pass with a first class honours however, yet, worthless degrees.

uws coursework results

By member On 21st January However, the case for UWS is that you don’t even get the same treatment as others. My son is looking at that place quite hard. Where a result is not finalised within the timeframe, Schools will follow procedures to resolve the grade, and where this will not be uww an Uwa grade Fail Non Submission will be recorded redults the approval of the Dean or Deputy Dean. I’m Currently studying social sciences, which is a blast, modules are fairly well coordinated, and coursewoek lectures are informative, only thing i find a little damning is how little we are in, since, were on a two day a week rota right now.


I am a current student doing the MBA course. I have never seen such poor services and communication. This University is awful. Join StudentCrowd for free join. By member On 30th July As an international student, you expect some support considering that you’re new to the system and that you’re paying nearly three times what others pay.

Coursewise Mechanical Engineering it is very similar. Uni is little know for its research, but claims to be teaching focused. Thanks for the feedback!

University of the West of Scotland (UWS) Reviews and Ranking

The outstanding result will coursewotk finalised by the relevant census date. I can’t forget my golden time at UWS. BA Business and Enterprise – 3rd year Very bad, no standards, only focus on Paisley campus, no help, took nearly 4 months to be given a personal tutor and the material used it rubbish!

I am in the UK and I schooled here.