Click here here for details of time line for the admission process. You can also depict your ideas in a pictorial format These children must be picked up by 3: Only those books and notebooks required for homework or test revision go home What do the children write with? Some of the programmes are: Ms Kirti Singh eminent lawyer of women’s rights 2.

Write about a person you know or have read about in about words. Fees are to be paid in advance in April for all 4 quaters through post dated cheques. Click here to view the list of selected children First List and waiting list. Assignments, Worksheets, Question Banks. What are the factors which shape our lives?

Attempt all the questions from exercise 1. Darsrashan Day – Lights of Aspiration Satsang 6: What is the academic year of the school?

vasant valley senior school homework

The Arts Programme is designed to enable students to get equal opportunities to participate in quality programmes. Competing only in selected sports helps vasaant to concentrate and excel in their specialized sport. Revise for a review on reflection on monday.

Sacked by Deepa Aggarwal.

vasant valley senior school homework

The boys from Nursery to class 10 wear shorts, shirts and a maroon belt. My Child Portfolio Form. Click here to see the list of students who have been shortlisted for an interaction with the admissions committee on Thursday 23rd May As the school is based on the Multiple Intelligence Theory, a typical day at Vasant Valley is a mix of academic and non-academic classes, sports, and also music, dance, art, hobbies, library, or computers.


In every nook and corner of the school, children from class three onwards are busy with cookery, carpentry, needlework, gardening, aerobics, computers, aerodynamics, the newsletter, bodybuilding, pottery etc.

vasant valley school homework

There are also programmes for rainwater harvesting and planting and maintaining saplings. You have read about people who have selflessly worked for a cause that has benefitted the masses. The school is duly recognized. Essentials Social Awareness Life Skills Summer Placements Examples of these are career talks, discussions on social issues, rights and duties vallet citizens, interview and group discussion skills.

There is no Examination at this time, but the report shows the accumulated performance from July.

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TOP Homework Junior school children get no homework except during the weekends – so that there is no break in the link of what they have learnt in school. Khan Market Post Office. Then she got married and a turned into a full time homemaker and has given her best to keep up the standard of her family and house.

The inter-house competitions for each of the team sports are major events in the school, as are the standard tests conducted twice a year. Evaluations by different boards cater to different needs of students. Ball pens are not allowed for school use.


Other steps taken towards examination preparation are: Students who performed well: This is based on performance and participation in school academic and non-academic programmes through the year. The school has tie ups with professional sports organisations to run Sports Clinics. Several programmes in hhomework integrate latest developments and technology into the curriculum.

Site last Updated Wednesday, 22 May, Class Activity Period and Exhibitions Are the forums for displaying what has been learnt in these subjects. What are the available bus routes? Read the lesson ‘Indigo’ write the value points of questions 1 and 2 in your notebook.

The recesses in the junior school are a little longer than in the senior school. CBSE class X. Over and above the school PE programme, sports camps are organised in the evening. Complete writing the practical AISS.

Then all children disperse to their classes for a few minutes with the class teacher who helps the class settle down for the day.