Ali, Lutfiye Australian Muslim women: P Can vocational training be better structured to facilitate the acquisition of job related skills? Butler, Nancy Male and female relationships in Australian fiction Mosek, Erez Team flow: A performative investigation of the role of pop in contemporary art practice. Studies of the Indonesian Case.

Buttifant, David Anaerobic performances and anaerobic characteristics of asthmatic children. Mulcahy, Jane Catherine Meaningful daily activity and chronic pain. Huang, Wen Xin A fibre optic based ranging sensor. Cascone, Leanne The effect of injury on ankle range of motion and proprioception. Going further, it offers analysis of the later years of life and the different experiences of soldier settlers in their twilight years, particularly for those with and without family networks in the colony. Chai, Bing Cheng Development and validation of a novel approach for the analysis of marine biotoxins. Bendrups, Faye Service station:

Escobido, Cesar Negotiating the Rapids: Chen, Li Regenerated desiccant devices for cooling stored grains.

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Mkiramweni, Nickson Sustainable wildlife tourism in the context of climate change: Their Role in Obesity and Diabetes. Astell, Katie J Effects of Caralluma fimbriata extract on cardiovascular and metabolic disorders.

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Boonchan, Sudarat Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: Hollier, Nathan From Hope to Disillusion? Bali Mahomed, Anuar Shah Examining email usage among non-academic staff in public and private Malaysian Universities.


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Kholifah, Siti Gendered continuity and change in Javanese pesantren. Hua, Bin Evaluation of the efficacy of a Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis of the vue.

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Al Ghamdi, Abdullah The influence of lecturer text-based immediacy on student engagement experiences and learning outcomes in distance education in Saudi Arabia. An empirical study of the influences on the research governance practices in Victorian public healthcare agencies.

Lkhanaajav, Esmedekh Mongolia’s resources boom: Gogoasa, Ion Fibre optic sensor for speed measurement. Mayaka, Melphon Assessing tourism industry training and education: Cameron, Melainie An international study of osteopathic practice. Gotlib, Ralph Australian rules football and distributive justice.

Gender diversity in contemporary fiction, a novel and exegesis. Li, Yue Qiang Analysis of vibration reduction via local structural modification.

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Foo, Paul and Nicholls, Brian Surfing injuries in recreational surfers. Castle, Phillipa A unique loss: Alternatively, you may post them to: Kikianty, Eder Hermite-Hadamard inequality in the geometry of banach spaces.

Chu, Ba Binh The effects of creatine supplementation on performance and metabolism during brief, intermittent, high-intensity exercise. Hough, Natasha A study of physiotherapists’ and chiropractors’ knowledge and opinions of osteopaths.


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Eagleton, Danny Geoffrey Creep properties of corrugated fibreboard containers for produce in simulated road transport environment. A Social Cognitive Perspective. A case study of mentoring and networking in the Australian Football League.

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Hendriks, Mark Willem Adrianus Sources, distribution and speciation of aluminium in wine production. Davis, Brooke Maree An investigation of the subjective sleep of elderly women: Nasir, Wan Mohd The relationship between strategic orientation and firm performance: Campbell, Margaret Searching the silences of war: Kon, Sen Choeng Forecasting tourist demand to Singapore: Durer’s Draughtsman drawing a reclining nude, Herrenvolk, aesthetic surgery and an artist’s digital studio practice.

Koetsuk, Ketsara A case study of the interests and needs of the district director to improve job performance in the Bangkok metropolitan administration. Hallgarten, Kathleen F Deadly playgrounds: