The title story is still held as a shining example of Singer’s oeuvre in particular and of Yiddish literature in general. Unfortunately, the food Aaron was carrying with him when sent out runs out quickly and he is in danger of starving to death if he does not find sustenance. But my friend, Elizabeth Shub, who was then an editor of juvenile books at Harper, had different ideas. Instead of a formal presentation, Hyman gave her audience an insider’s look at the picture book she had just completed, The Water of Life , with slides displaying her illustrations. At the same time, both men sought resolutions for their past, and they “revived the dead” in order to answer personal questions about ethnic survival and religious annihilation.

Sendak’s Poland is dominated by relatives who would never make it out alive. Zlateh, like Aaron, is twelve years old. I lived in a world of cruelty. As they worked with their skeletons of religious doubt and persecution and publicly acknowledged the personal sufferings of their families, they conveyed a new sense of the Holocaust and of Shoah. This mirrors the relatively traditional religious teaching that people should not question God’s will. Singer’s sense of injustice would not allow him to create an idealized world. They often starved or were sick.

Indeed, language and translation were more than practical and artistic issues for Isaac Singer; they were central metaphors imbued with cosmological meaning. Short Essay Questions Key.

Often, during interviews, Singer would talk of his family’s conversations about religion and of essxy parents’ fear that he and his older brother were becoming too cosmopolitan. Zlateh becomes an even more valuable member of the family, and always remembers the time she spent with Aaron in the haystack; she reminds him by simply bleating.

People do not need furs when the weather is warm, and since the winter has been mild, Reuven is having a “bad year”; he will not be able to afford all of the Hanukkah “holiday necessaries,” such as candles, latkes potato pancakesand gifts. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying Zlateh the Goat.


This enables Reuven to make enough money to buy his family’s necessities.

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Because of this, Reuven decides, “after long hesitation,” to sell the family goat, Zlateh, to Feivel, the town butcher. At the same time, this story sits squarely within the Singer canon in its Jewish and folkloric overtones, which appear not only in Zlateh the Goat, and Other Stories but in virtually all of Singer’s work. Leah also cries when her son and the family goat are presumed to have frozen to death in the snowstorm.

When she saw Mother she made a sign to her, pointing to her garden. It could be argued that Aaron is the protagonist of “Zlateh the Goat”; however, it seems that much more is made of Zlateh and her actions and reactions throughout the narration of the story.

Yiddish was a minority language if ever there was one, and his worldwide fame rested on his works in translation. Get Zlateh the Goat from Amazon. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

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Two Week Quiz A. We are bound to write about the things of our younger days and to remember them better than the things topiics happened yesterday or the day before…. Long after Singer immigrated to America, he continued to write in Yiddish, and his stories were translated into English before publication.

Zlateh, who has gone along with the adventure up until now, “anchored her cleft hooves in the earth and bleated as if pleading to be taken home. Zlateh “comforted” Aaron in the haystack, and “in these three days he loved her more and more.


Zlateh is almost a paragon of faith; she “trusted human beings,” unsuspectingly licking the hand of the very man topicss has sentenced her to her death. After survivors emigrated, their children did not continue to speak the language. Four Week Quiz B. And that was a lesson I learned … not to take anything for granted till the story was finished.

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Indeed, Singer is best known as an author writing in the Jewish American or Yiddish literary tradition. Why does Atzel come to wish he were zlateeh Who do you know that has such qualities? I mean, she hasn’t just been sitting around this castle waiting to be rescued.

At the beginning of the story, she is described as patient, good natured, trusting, and loving. This princess went to Bennington and Sarah Lawrence, and she’s smart as well as beautiful.

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To pass the time, Aaron tells Zlateh stories, and her ears perk up as she listens to him. He wasn’t a writer, like some of my others, who went back and said, “Oh, I hate this. Singer’s father, Pinchos Menachem, was a rabbi, and his mother, Bathsheba Zylberman Singer, was the daughter of a rabbi.

Singer’s prolific writing career was mainly sustained after he immigrated to America, yet he continued to write in Yiddish throughout his life. On the way to town, Aaron chases away a stray dog.

zlateh the goat essay topics

If there was a word I didn’t understand, he was there to help me. Luckily, Aaron finds a haystack covered in snow, and he knows that he and Zlateh can burrow inside of the haystack for shelter and warmth.