This tendency is often associated with the economic situation of these countries as dubbing is relatively expensive and time consuming procedure. Naturalness was for him the most important feature of a successful translation. Definitional extension and periphrasis — an added information about an item from the source culture which may not be as recognizable in the target culture or replacement of the original term by its periphrasis. Example 24 Now I have to compete with Shamu and his smug little grin. Nida’s formal and dynamic equivalence Eugene Nida suggested a dichotomy similar to Venuti’s. All of the examples represent how a translation of particular lines, which do not contain any references to the original culture, can be converted to compensate the audience for the losses in cultural and humorous aspects. Or learning new words is more your thing?

Therefore the allusion to the song becomes obvious to the most Polish viewers. Voice Dubbing in the Cinema as Cultural Ventriloquism: The company specializes in the production of balls for many sports, but is most-known for its basketballs. What is interesting, Newmark points out that this procedure can be conducted by literal translation thus this procedure can be treated only as an alteration of literal translation procedure. This circumstance causes a lot of difficulty as in some situations it becomes almost impossible to substitute a cultural aspect of the source culture SC which may not be understood by the target audience by something that shall evoke a similar effect in the target culture TC. English I also admire the thesis in the report about the importance of providing continued support, in particular, to disadvantaged regions. However, aspects of Polish culture are still present in the Polish version — the modifications of some dialogues allow us to see that it is in fact always possible to domesticate or at least culturally neutralize an animated film even if the ST is visibly marked for SC.

Example 14 I just wanna dunk him in my coffee.

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What is interesting, in original the reference to Sad Diego is maintained consistently throughout the whole film whereas in Polish version already a few lines later the reference to Sopot is no longer continued and the reference to San Diego takes its place. Venuti’s domestication and foreignization Calque is a literal translation of the realia item into the target language. He mentions the danger of the translated text looking like an original what in his opinion makes a translator an usurper claiming the rights to the authorship of the source text.


Therefore, translating cultural aspects, not only into Polish culture but in fact into any other culture, may occur to be extremely challenging. Direct transfer — an element from SC is transferred to the TL without any significant changes in meaning or form.

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The European Institute for the Media. Therefore va shall not be surprising that the more an original text is related to culture the more difficulties may arise while translating it. The situation gets even more complicated when the locations are visible on the screen so there is actually no other choice than to keep the reference or to omit it.

ba thesis tlumaczenie

Audiovisual translation Audiovisual translation AVT is a relatively new field of interest in translation studies. The strategies applied in the translation of the dubbed feature films in the science fiction action genre from English to Persian in Iran cinema context. Return to KudoZ list. Thus it is not surprising at all that when we talk about translation, which naturally deals with languages, we at the same time have to take into consideration differences between cultures.

However, as Tomaszkiewicz points out, this procedure is sometimes considered as overtranslation thus translation error. However, the reference is not explicit as in the tlumaczrnie thus not only cultural substitution but also elements of periphrasis can be identified on the basis of the provided example. Newmark also states that this procedure, which is a cultural componential analysis, is the most accurate way of translating i.

Despite the fact that both examples deal with the names of the sports teams they were translated in completely different manner. Therefore the original reference to the arrival of alien civilization was shifted to an allusion to a toponym which brings to the mind humorous connotations.


Therefore, the cultural substitute applied to this line again changes significantly the original message in order to evoke an intended effect on the target audience.

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Nevertheless, for the needs of this analysis the suggested division of procedures of translating cultural aspects seems satisfactory. As the initial action of Madagascar is set in New York City, an allusion to the custom of tipping a cab driver might make sense even for the target audience. Synonyms Synonyms English for “thesis”: Audiovisual Translation from Different Angles.

Their tlumaczwnie are extremely popular among Americans and the act of dunking a doughnut in a coffee became almost a distinguishing feature of Americans. Both series were extremely popular and the combination of the names is well-recognized among Poles. Only Melman the giraffe seems to have an idea what could be the name of the place – he claims that it is San Diego. According to Leppihalme She remarks that a combination of strategies is also possible ibid.

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The aim of this research is to examine whether it is possible to limit the procedures of translating cultural aspects in dubbing only to five of them direct transfer, omission, compensation, cultural substitute and periphrasis and whether a few procedures can be applied at tlumaczdnie same time. Cultural aspects are usually very problematic for a translator who has to make a lot of well-thought out decisions how to render particular elements.

The final chapter is an analysis of the two versions of Madagascar on the basis of provided examples. The more distance exists between the two cultures the more difficult the task of the translator is. Example 18 Well, howdy do?