Fast over short distances 3. They make money from the sale of shares. You may also like. There are three main categories of specialists in these markets. Turnover refers to the total sales. It reduces the risk of damage or pilferage 4. Packing costs, storage, insurance premiums and port dues are high.

D mothers against drugs. To assess likely volume of demand. Tertiary production Items that have been grown, extracted, made or built still have to get to the final customer. Size of firm producing the goods … Larger producers have their own retail outlets, while smaller ones use more intermediaries for the distribution of their products. The names of the four regulatory structures in The Bahamas are: This is the net value of the assets owned by a business.

Although some producers sell directly to consumers e. The natural buoyancy of the water enables ships to carry voursework heavy loads, which gives economies of scale. Reasons for Government Intervention in the economy.

bgcse commerce coursework

Loan capital loan, debt or debenture: Please answer the following questions based on your opinions and practices. This market includes the following:. Not suitable for short distances. Consists of that part of the current assets which are cash or are easily changeable into cash without delay, for example bank balance, cash in tills. The features of unincorporated businesses are:. City Market and Super Value.


Quantity of goods bought …Producers want to sell in large quantities to wholesalers and large retailers, not in small amounts to small retailers or consumers.

bgcse commerce coursework

Factors that influence the choice of the type of Channel of Distribution Nature of goods to be marketed …perishable goods which need to be sold quickly are normally sold directly to consumers. Items that have been grown, extracted, made or built still have to get to the final customer.

bgcse commerce coursework

High operational costs result in high freight rates 2. Government involvement in the Economy.

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Click here to sign up. Factors that influence the choice of the type of Channel of Distribution. Remember me on this computer. Sea courdework is a relatively slow method of moving freight.

Bgcsd capital account deals with investments and. It operates to timetables, mostly on direct routes. Market commeece of share. I have put specific exercises that help a tennis player in speed, strength and agility.


Reserves retained earnings, undistributed profits, reinvestment a percentage of gross profits being put back into the business. The purpose of the following questionnaire is to gather information for my BGCSE coursework that is based on recruitment.

To find out what the public wants. Also shown is an increase by more than double of degree-conferring AA creative writing programs. Advantages of International trade.

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Doursework is also not a physical market, but a number of institutions providing long-term loans almost entirely to business and industry. The market include the following: There are four 4 factors of production, they are: The Functions of money. Services of commercial Banks. An exchange rate is simply the price at which one currency can be traded for another.

The market include the following:. Services Provided by the Post Office. The aims of market research: