Where candidates speak about travel or sport, they could speak in the role of a tour guide, or indeed as if they were their favourite sports person. However, successful work will be that which can be assessed using the appropriate criteria. In Part 2 it becomes clear that the candidate practises Karate as his father did, and he therefore has personal motives for choosing the topic. Band 3 5—6 marks Adequate use of content; delivery is secure but at times unimaginative, resulting in some loss of audience interest; language devices e. This could be a language-learning scheme or a scheme based around a literary text. Also note that Listening is assessed in Task 2 using a different set of criteria.

Four Speaking and Listening Test accreditation samples A: In Part 2 it becomes clear that the candidate practises Karate as his father did, and he therefore has personal motives for choosing the topic. Language ; and arguments. Cambridge requires Centres to record Tasks 1 and 2 — but not Task 3. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. You will be notified of the outcome of your application by post.

They compare sheer a glance subject content fine art controlled assignment. Candidates must be prepared to supply additional factual material where appropriate and to express and defend a point of view.

Igcse english coursework assignment 3

Read the sep cie igcse. Planning for Speaking and Listening coursework in your school chosen for the whole teaching group, of perhaps at least 20 learners. The External Moderator should not be presented with a sample in which different teachers are applying the assessment criteria to different standards.

It is sensible, therefore, for an English department to appoint a person to oversee the coursework usually the Head of Departmentand to manage the administration of the tasks.

For Component 6 the Speaking and Listening courseworkteachers may or may not decide to involve the candidates in the selection of their own activities, but should take overall responsibility for monitoring selections and ensuring that the activities have adequate focus, control and scope for development. Sections 1—5 of this handbook will deal with the Speaking and Listening Test Component 5.


This scenario is likely to result in the External Moderator changing the original marks to ensure a consistent standard.

Speaking and Listening Training Handbook 0500 and 0522 Cambridge IGCSE

If only one microphone is used, it should be placed facing the candidate. About the Speaking and Listening Test Component 5 Despite the range of possibilities however, courseworrk dominant task in Part 1 tends to be the informative presentation. Managing the administration of the Speaking and Listening Test Increasingly seen as a response.

Successful work is almost always work in which the learner has a clear interest in the topic or activity, and is motivated intrinsically.

A recorder with external microphones is recommended so that separate microphones can be used for the candidate and the examiner. Come 3, exam board, gcse or 1 used for different. Generic mark assignment feb ? Band 6 0 marks Does not meet the above criteria.

Can be found in those who are free the first week. The emphasis is still on the candidate to generate and extend the conversation.

Speaking and Listening Training Handbook and Cambridge IGCSE

Save a copy of all forms submitted, for your own records. Listening Max 5 Band Please give a justification for your mark: Band 5 1 mark Simple facts and ideas are expressed with generally unsuccessful attempts at organisation; is barely capable of engaging in a two-way conversation. Other Languages Arabic Indonesian.

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If you wish to apply for accreditation as a coursework assessor there are two routes open to you. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. There are no examples forthcoming and the candidate appears not to have taken the time to research her topic, due to the fact that this Task 1 activity lacks any real details or explanations.


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If learners covee to talk about a hobby or interest, it is suggested that they find a creative way of doing this, with new information or through a different kind of delivery. Accreditation Please allow 4—6 weeks for the moderator to assess the work that has been submitted and for Cambridge to inform you of the outcome. This set of criteria assesses a number of Speaking and Listening skills which are fully integrated, and it also assumes that candidates will interact with each other.

Be careful not to dominate, while remaining constantly involved in the discussion.

On CD2 you will find: For higher reward, the candidate would need to develop and extend the point being put forward and take a more prominent role in the conversation. While interesting in parts, this is an example of a Part 1 in which too much general coverage is attempted.

Responding to Applicants Whether you have chosen the CV or the training route please allow 4—6 weeks for Cambridge to assess your application and inform you of the outcome.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet

However, in other parts there is a predictability to his monologue, which comes across as a spoken travelogue. Band 2 will indicate partial success of this aim.