I Interview – approved. It is essential that this cover letter goes above all your answers including the cover letter. I personally went through this same situation long ago when submitting our I form and know it all too well just like the rest of you married to Filipinas. Funny thing though, USCIS mailed me back the marriage certificate because it was an original on the day I was approved. CR-1 ca Local Office: You can contact ICE via email at Immigration. Subsequently we discovered VisaJourney.

Customers should notify the Director of their local office when they have a complaint about a civil surgeon. My wife came to the United States on a K-1 visa, and our daughter on a K-2 visa. Based on our experience, we have compiled a 10 Point legal guide to assist you in answering your RFEs. You currently have javascript disabled. Copies of photos of us together at various events with family and friends throughout the years Exhibit P: I’m doin this now.

If you believe Modern Sporting Rifles have a legitimate use, please like, share and participate on: While the USCIS instructions for the I say that evidence should cover the entire period from your marriage up to the foe date, there is no need to repeat evidence that you already submitted to them earlier.

Additionally, you will need to submit a copy of the green card of the person who is applying for removal of conditions. Remember, many cases are decided by the discretion of the adjudicating officer. Edited by soniamull, 02 March – Copies of actual credit cards, health insurance letfer, or other “joint” cards that you have together,showing same account number.


The following are the key features of it. Unfortunately, there are cver other issues to consider in your answer. Some people receive the transcripts in 5 days, for others it takes 2 weeks.

We highly recommend that you retain a lawyer to help you on your case. We even had our puppy in most of the pics we had together. Auburn Hills, MI Visa type: Of course, I omitted all private identifying information but the format and remaining words are intact. For example, lately, the Neufeld Memo regarding H-1Bs involves many important points of law that only someone with legal knowledge will be able to adequatly tackle.

You currently have javascript disabled. Ivory Records has already launched his first official album last week. Do not be late. Day 32 Biometrics appt. The puppy got older and bigger in the pics.

Got an RFE, please help

I’ve forgotten my password. How to Write an I Cover Letter.

cover letter for rfe i-751

Go To Topic Listing. Also make sure you have a table of contents.

Got an RFE, please help – Removing conditions I – The World of Filipinas

There are a variety of documentations that you may submit. If I were the immigration examiner, I would not be satisfied and therefore would put you in RFE either.

cover letter for rfe i-751

Keep in mind l-751 an actual person will be reading your RFE, thus the more comprehensible your RFE is the better your chances for approval.


In another post later, I will be including a sample of an affidavit my best friend wrote for us. You do not have to have all of the types listed below as proof of the relationship; supply as many as you like. The above shows evidence of a bona fide marriage and evidence that the two of you live at the same address. Thank you Happy Chic. I’ve seen couple posts where people never received it but that probably is due to other issues we don’t know of.

What recourse does an applicant have if this occurs?

Rfe Cover Letter Sample

How cool is that. Medical Exams — A caller explained that the civil surgeon who completed the medical exam used the wrong form and then wanted to charge an indigent refugee to reprocess the paperwork on the correct form. If you are short on the documents that have both of your names ltter on them you MAY include affidavits from people who know you as a couple see examplesconfirming your marital relationship — note that they are not required.