Specifically, this graduate tracer study sought answers to the following questions: There were only 28 or Collected the answered instrument; 7. It is the duty of every institution of learning to provide the best education to its students. They lack enthusiasm, innovativeness and selfconfidence.

What is the employment status of respondents in terms of: Walk-in ranks first with a frequency of 31 or Commitment to education is clearly demonstrated under Section 1 of Article 14 of the Philippine Constitution, which states that “the state shall protect and promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take the appropriate steps to make education accessible to all”. The education system can and should do a great deal to prepare graduates for employment, which is to make them employable. Tabulated arid computed the data gathered with the assistance of the adviser and thesis professor; 9. Quality Education through relevant and responsive curriculum with affordable tuition fees. Current students view the purpose of university education as a step to career preparation.

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tuesis She further recommends that there must be consultation between academe and industry and business leaders to determine new skills needs for present and future manpower. From these board passers, 28 or Tabulated arid computed the data gathered with the assistance of the adviser and thesis professor; 9. Expose Framework for Joomla 2.

Of the 9 or There is a general belief that citizens are the most essential assets of every nation in the world. Of these, 21 or The only way to get a job today is to exactly meet the needs of employers and that is having the specific skills they require at the moment of hiring. The curriculum is patterned after the leading curricula of the Criminology School and Universities of the Theeis State, United Kingdom and other standards recommended by the international society of Criminology.


Air-conditioned library with internet and comprehensive collection of books. These graduates also enjoy permanent status and are satisfied with their present work.

Criminology Thesis: Graduate Tracer Study: PCCR Graduates

The basic strategy for bringing this about is to reallocate current education resources. Faculty members may well choose to adopt the career education concept as a mean; of improving instruction. Manila, Cpcr Bookstore, You will receive a link to create a new password.

The vast majority of the respondents at a frequency of 59 or Reasons for pursuing B.

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Felix Zamora Camerino, Jr. It exerts less pressure on the respondents to provide immediate response. There are more females enrolled in college than males. Ranked 2nd is affordability for the family at a frequency of 12 or This study was undertaken to assess the status of Philippine College of Criminology Graduates from academic year Schools in the Philippines are producing the wrong kind of skills for its labor market needs, which is hurting economic growth There are too many educated.

criminology thesis pccr

Why Philippine College of Criminology? It refers whether a graduate is employed in line with his specialization, employed but not in line of specialization or under-employed, selfemployed or unemployed.

This was used to determine the category of responses depending on the magnitude of the variable. They are also predominantly in the years old age bracket with 39 or Specifically, this graduate tracer study sought answers to the following questions: Salaries and benefits got the highest rank on why respondents stop in their present job; Only a few of BSIE graduates were self-employed due to lack of capital.


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As gleaned tyesis the table, it is obvious that it is dominated by males, with a frequency of 54 or A little over half of the respondents at 34 or Industries are built to meet local consumption, produce exportable goods, create job opportunities, provide income for the people and enhance socio-economic development. Static training skills include the integration of theory, concepts with techniques.

Relevance of the Reviewed Literature and Studies It refers to the third-stage or third level education, is the educational level following the completion of a school providing a secondary education such as a high school or secondary school. Criminology Frequency Pursue career in the PNP Affordable for the family Influence of parents or relatives Strong passion for the profession Pursue career in the NBI Preparatory course for law Prospect for immediate employment Status or prestige of the profession Prospect of career advancement Prospect of attractive compensation and benefits Opportunity for employment abroad Security of tenure of prospective job Other reasons unspecified Inspired by a role model 51 12 9 9 4 4 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 Percentage