Lecavelier des Etangs, C. Curriculum Vitae Bruce M. Lectures in astronomy accompanied by directed operations and composed mainly on an introduction to astrophysics for second-year students of DEUG A, i. Approaching Language Difference in Diverse Scenes. Responding to Difference and Error in Student Writing. Mission preparation, observation and data analysis at Paris Institute of Astrophysics of the total solar eclipses of June in Indonesia, November in New Caledonia and March in Indonesia.

Indianapolis, IN, 19 March Chicago, IL, 26 April Two studies, on the characteristics of atmospheric transmittance and sky radiance in the UV range, on the background sky radiance in the UV, visible and IR ranges and on the light emission of meteors and re-entry satellites, also in the UV, visible and IR ranges, were realized at Paris Institute of Astrophysics. College Composition and Communication 63 New Directions in Literacy Research.

Respondent, “The Economics of Plagiarism and Authorship.

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Southampton, UK, 7 April A New and Constructive Stage. Review of Academic Writing in a Global Chsf Bruce Horner and Karen Kopelson. Focus the detail on your most recent jobs and chef relevant qualifications.


Popularization and teaching of astronomy in vacation centers in various places. Edited by Slavek M. Globalization and the Composition Program.

curriculum vitae chef juna

ELF, Translation, and Transfer. Intensive utilization of PC computers and many softwares, under Windows.

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Fudan University Press, Composing Modality and Language as Practice. Pedagogical and Institutional Strategies for Translingual Writing.

curriculum vitae chef juna

Review of The Politics of Remediation: Teaching Translation as Writing and Writing as Translation. University of Iowa faculty. Review of Mainstreaming Basic Writers: Lexington, KY, 20 January In charge of lectures at University Institute of Teacher Formation, Burgundy University, Dijon, France, as part of the IUFM cultural week proposed to trainee teachers on the theme “astronomy in and out of the educational program: College Composition and Communication 55 Organization of regular astronomical stargazing sessions hcef or two per month in an Atacama desert dark place for students of University of Antofagasta.

Un terrain pour la linguistique?


curriculum vitae chef juna

Southern Illinois UP, forthcming. Nitschelm, One article every two months on various subjects in El Mercurio de Antofagasta since July Fresno, CA, 15 April Directed operations in astronomy given to second-year and fourth-year students in physics at Lausanne University, Switzerland.

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Key Terms in Popular Music and Culture. Meeting of 13 MayCyrriculum, U. University of San Francisco faculty.