Then I also cycled the ideas and texts as I drafted them back into a particular invitation-only private fan group that had been essential informants for the research. And writing ADD , because it’s fiction I can make that even more explicit. Douglas Mark Rushkoff born February 18, is an American media theorist , writer, columnist, lecturer, graphic novelist, and documentarian. Producer Marc Urselli’s quartet takes its time to explore the shadows on their self-titled debut. Thanks for the mention of my work in the Chronicle, and above Ben. Retrieved on May 3,

In a single publication, he’d foreshadowed the reality television revolution of seven decades hence. He is best known for his association with the early cyberpunk culture, and his advocacy of open source solutions to social problems. The book wants readers to learn to “read” the media they consume and interpret what is really being communicated. Our corporate marketing system is creating a new, well… almost a new species of adolescent, then why don’t I create a story in which a corporation is literally creating a new species of adolescent. That you realize in a real, concrete situation rather than an abstract one. And it does nothing but underline the flawless, meticulous precision with which Douglas approaches both his theory, and his fiction. Edgar Allan Poe’s 10 Best Stories.

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Yannick Haenel’s Hold Fast Your Crown is shocking, frustrating, elating, and among the best books published in France for decades. Retrieved from ” https: Which ends up creating a more compelling narrative. The eventual hard-won victory occasioned a big story subscription required rushkofd the Chronicle of Higher Education. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And once they sort of drew the margins around it, and I knew I was going to have whatever it was, or pages it became much more about character than about plot. Popmatters is wholly independently owned and operated. Retrieved on May 3, Your research ethics were developed according to the specific customs and protocols of the Xenaverse, and no doubt led to a far richer and more accurate investigation of that culture than you would have produced as a detached observer looking back, it must seem that there was no other way to go about it.


Most recently, Douglas Rushkoff has turned his critical lens to the medium of currency. And we see our world through the eyes of these ADD kids.

Mavis Staples has rushkofr the great transformations that have been made in terms of race relations in American life.

PhD Dissertation Douglas Rushkoff @ Utrecht University

Archived from the original on And it does nothing but underline the flawless, meticulous precision with which Douglas approaches both his theory, and his fiction. Writing a novel this way is one thing, but a doctoral thesis will likely not be granted as much license. Terry Eagleton’s Humor wisely makes no argument beyond a survey of all the ways one can debunk some portion of all preceding theories of humor. Despite numerous books and accolades, Douglas Rushkoff is pursuing a PhD at Utrecht University, and has recently begun work on his dissertation, which will argue that the media forms of the network age are biased toward collaborative production.

But Vertov’s films weren’t documentaries, rather they were meant as entertainment.

douglas rushkoff dissertation

Pages Liked by This Page. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. When Rushkoff tossed out the idea of a wikified dissertation on his blog last week, readers came back with some interesting comments. It’s beautiful commentary on the artist and the role of art. Vivien Goldman’s ‘Revenge of the She-Punks’ Doesn’t Gloss the Reasons We Still Have to Rage In her history of women in punk music, Revenge of the She-PunksVivien Goldman hefts the scene’s virtues and the vices into one heap and concludes that some of it was necessary, some of it was fun, and some of it was evil.


douglas rushkoff dissertation

The first is, technique, the what if of nonfiction, and making that a realized world of fiction. This would take on an Incredible Hulk kind of quality–each part would see them save another kid or town or something with their semi-superhero kind of abilities. Jackie Chan’s 10 Best Films. And I think that was good for me. Views Read Edit View history. When it’s not the world it’s a playing field, it’s a construction of people. The ideas are always foregrounded, the thinker and the act of thinking fall in as secondary.

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The problem with a series is you have so many external factors weighing on your story, that you don’t have to have in your graphic novel. In a single publication, he’d foreshadowed the reality television revolution of seven decades hence. The promise of the resulting “counter culture” was that media would change from being passive to active, that we would embrace the social over content, and that empowers the masses to create and react.

Eisenstein’s is the directorial form we’re most familiar with. What is the moment of disssrtation insight?