How Does this Site Work? I have been studying alcohol marketing, and I believe that free, unreported output of images of people drinking alcohol, which is the norm on Facebook, increases the risk of young people developing serious alcohol problems. Social networking creates a social competition. There is too much sex and violence on face book. Do you know where the “block” button is?

While what their mom’s may threaten isn’t proved. No proof of age is required and Facebook doesn’t seem fussed at enforcing its own rules. Add a New Topic. Search Technology and Games. Though, ultimately, it is up to parents to censure their children for their protection, I think Facebook should be open to children under the age of 18, so long as they are subject to more stringent posting restrictions and their profiles are not visible to the general public. Our children are under 18 so we are still responsible for them, if parents don’t understand Facebook and how to use it properly the either read up on it or just don’t let your kids on it.

Because Facebook is so widely available, its members should be screened by age, at the very least. Children think drinking is cool, associate it with sexual attractiveness and social enhancement, and with having fun generally.

Should children under the age of 18 be allowed to use Facebook? |

Nothing sexual or inappropriate for children. What’s more important, dental hygiene or social media? You Are Here All Topics. Facebook, Twitter aren’t for children under 18 who don’t know how to use it safety put for people who need it for their job or something like that Are you prepared to have a Facebook account yourself and “friend” your own child? Opinion Should kids under 13 or 18 years of age be allowed on Facebook? I have family to talk to, and it’s just the easiest way to communicate long distance.


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Is it really necessary for them to be exposed to more new products? With certain limits on Facebook, children should be allowed to have access to the social media. It would take just as much time to text a friend that you are free to hang then make it available for the whole world to see.

Most shouod Least Likes: Does a private company have the right to regulate its content? Do you know each and every “friend” they have personally?

Should kids under 13 or 18 years of age be allowed on Facebook?

They may give personal details which can be dangerous for them and their families. You don’t only learn how to do things on social media. By blocking everything to either friends or family, and blocking anything else unknown!

I as a mom watch what I post and I make it a point to make sure it is all positive and upbeat. Is torture banne effective interrogation technique? You sesay that it helps children that have bad social skills but that is really where the problem starts.


facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

They can’t tell them what is right. It’s not all bullying and nastiness! Not to mention that it is more polite and family-like to actually call your family members. Least to Most Replies: That statistic is wrong, 5 billion people use Face Book. You have to actually meet in person and hang out to get that kind of bond. Most of my family and friends have all moved away and that’s how I keep in touch with people. Looks like people have chosen the one thing that could not become a painful physical problem for them.

People think its a chance for bullying certain students because they cannot see them and can’t do unded about it.

She writes about cyber safety issues, social networks and all things geeky on her website digitalbreezes. Search Technology and Games. Does subsidized housing truly help the poor?

facebook should be banned for under 18s essay

Do you think that probation or parole should be completed prior to voting privileges being reinstated? Honestly all you people that think Facebook should not be able to be whould by people under 18 should get a life and let the CEO of Facebook make the decisions. Did you know that over 5 million kids under the age of 10 are on Face book.