Dedicata , Eduardo Gonzalez , Chris T. The Hormander index of symmetric periodic orbits. DG ; Geometric Topology math. Peter Albers , Urs Frauenfelder.

SG ; Dynamical Systems math. We include generalizations to higher dimensions due to the unknown referee and Janko Latschev. Edward Song, and Dr. Version 5 made further small corrections to citations. The equivalence of Heegaard Floer homology and embedded contact homology via open book decompositions I. Robert Sloan Lee and Dr.

Philosophy of Time Society, – Present.

R. Keith Loftin | Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary –

Baylor University Press, SG in Aug [ total of 31 entries: Responding to Mind-Body Materialism. Dusa McDuffKatrin Wehrheim.

john loftin thesis

Lagrangian Floer superpotentials and crepant resolutions for toric orbifolds. Moreland Colorado Springs, CO: DG ; Algebraic Geometry math. Christian Scholars Review kohn Infinitely many small exotic Stein fillings. Click here to sign up.

Expanded and clarified exposition in a number of places in response to referee comments. To appear in Advances in Mathematics.


Keith Loftin Curriculum Vitae. Robert Sloan Lee and Dr. Studying the Historical Jesus: The space of linear anti-symplectic involutions is a homogenous space. Johj wall-crossing formula for Gromov-Witten invariants under variation of git quotient.

john loftin thesis

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Fibrancy of Symplectic Homology in Cotangent Bundles. Worldviews in Conflict, part 2. Dr David Wilkinson Univ.

A Holistic Response to the Problem of Evil. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. SG ; Algebraic Geometry math.

Evangelical Philosophical Society, – Present.

john loftin thesis

Tetsuya ItoKeiko Kawamuro. SG ; Differential Geometry math. Version 6 split off some parts.

Symplectic Geometry

Families of contact 3-manifolds with arbitrarily large Stein fillings. Kuranishi atlases with trivial lofhin – the state of affairs. Version 5 made further small corrections to citations. Final version, minor changes.