Hinaharang yata doon sa Maynila. He was honored with the Ambrose Gherini Prize for writing the best paper in international law. Some Asian people have won the award in various categories since its founding in Salonga claimed that a raw deal was done against “Nicole” and the judicial process by Judge Benjamin Pozon and the Court of Appeals under pressure from George W. Si Senador Claro M.

More than anything else, this kind of a deal, if ever forged by the Government with the Marcoses would mean that our high public officials have lost their moral sense, the sense of right and wrong. Presidents of the Senate of the Philippines. Arroyo paid him the highest tribute when he said: How much is the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses? However, because all national and local officials, numbering more than 17, from president down to councilors- were elected on the same day by virtue of the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution, the May elections were probably the most expensive in our history, marked by the scandalous use of money politics and the cooperation of the corrupt sectors of the mass media.

The three conditions imposed by the PCGG during my time were: Can I use part of the information from your blog post above if I provide a backlink back to your site? Because of cheap paper and printing, comics, pulp magazines and cheap literature have replaced the classics and the great masterpieces. If not for him we will probably be hungry through the night. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But if you consider the wealth of historical events surrounding a particular personality who shaped and even generated these events by his words, Jovito Salonga stands virtually alone.

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Nor do I minimize the significance of degrees and diplomas in a degree-conscious society such as we have, except to emphasize the danger of mistaking saolnga degree for intellectual worth. Others who reportedly spent a bilion pesos each declared, under oath, that they spent very much less than I did.


Largely through Salonga’s skills in jurisprudence, Aquino won his case before the Commission on Elections. Other candidates identified with slovenly practices may have this kind of voters also, but it may well be that these candidates cannot, in the overall count, distinguish between the corruptible and the incorruptible voters. And that is what my friends and I are doing now- consolidating and strengthening our pro-poor, pro-people party and assisting, conscienticizing and mobilizing the poor and the weak through the NGOs and people’s organizations so they can stand on their own feet and think and decide for themselves.

People have an inner sense of right and wrong.

The educated man essay by jovito salonga

Skip to content What is an educated man? There is no such thing as a criminal proceeding in absentia under Philippine law. What they should do once they are in power will be the subject of the second lecture- Ethical Standards for Public Officials.

In their insecurity, they look for someone to whom they can run for help. Danding Cojuangco,reputed to be the wealthiest, spent only Php 12 million, and Imelda Marcos does not seem to remember having spent anything at all.

Jovito Salonga

It is for saleā€¦. The reference is to Moyers, Bill: And why were the dispatches of the media representatives covering our campaign not published by their papers? Partly yes, since education should teach us how to make a living. Here in the Philippines,most of the known Marcos assets amounting to billions of pesos had been sequestered during the first two or three years of the Aquino administration.

When I say “educated man,” I do not refer to the individual who has read a thousand books and magazines, however important reading may be to the life of the mind. Because even if these three men had entered politics a long time ago, each one of them had definite commitments and they fought for their stand even if it was not popular, even if they knew that it would not get a lot of votes. For you are an institution of learning wedded to a mission you cannot abandon without denying your own existence.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Salonga branded the government’s move to hand back an American citizen accused of rape, to the United States authorities as “a raw deal and a midnight transaction”whose victims were “Nicole” the rape victim and the country’s justice system. He revised his work on international law, completed a study on the Marcos administration and developed a new program for democracy in the Philippines.

jovito salonga essay

Along with some members of the Liberal Party, he was critically injured on the August 21 bombing of his party’s proclamation rally at Plaza Miranda. In SeptemberMrs. Salonga returned to the Philippines and engaged in the teaching and practice of law. When I saw the news story I told myself- jogito pala ako natalo pinakamalaki ang nagastos ko! Japan is relatively poor in natural resources, with land scarcely enough to sustain her tremendous population, but despite a war that laid waste her towns and cities, she has recovered and come back with greater vigor because she has a people of abundant skills.

Marcos are many, many times more serious than this one. Salonga claimed that a raw deal was done against exsay and the judicial process by Judge Benjamin Pozon and the Court of Appeals under pressure from George W. Jose Rizal, our national hero, is one of the martyrs who willingly sold his life for the purchase of our freedom. Because of the suits we filed against the Marcoses and their cronies in New York, Texas and Hawaii, two close associates of Marcos- Jose Yao Campos and Antonio Floirendo – had to settle with the Government before anti-graft suits could be filed against them in the Philippines.

jovito salonga essay