The problems listed below are among the most common, but manuscripts can be returned for other problems as well. Page numbers must be correct. Instead, set a dot leader tab. Tables Tables that are a half-page or shorter in size may be placed at the top or the bottom of the page, or in the center, with text above and below. Colored materials are acceptable, but since color does not reproduce on microfilm, an alternate key should be provided if it will be needed for interpretation of the figure in black and white. Figures should be inserted as near as reasonably possible to the text to which they relate.

Students must submit an Application for Candidacy AC listing all the courses that apply to their degree. An Announcement of Examination form must be submitted two weeks prior to the dissertation defense date. You will receive an email confirming your completed submission. If you are calling from out of state, you may call , press 5 for the Graduate Office and ask to speak to the Manuscript Coordinator. Do not use abbreviations.

Doctoral dissertations will also be submitted to ProQuest by the Manuscript Coordinator. Abstract Page On the Abstract page first list the title of your manuscript, your dissrrtation, all degrees you have already earned in chronological orderand the degree to be awarded.

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Registering your copyright in your thesis or dissertation is optional. Margins Margins for the entire manuscript must be: You must submit this with your manuscript. Although it is preferable, you do not have to meet margin requirements for the material in your appendix, except for the left-hand margin. The dissertation must be submitted no later than 90 days after passing the dissertation defense, or the term graduation deadline, whichever comes first.


This section is a valuable visual reference to format the Front Matter with the proper lowercase Roman numeral pagination.

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This page is counted and numbered with a lower-case Roman numeral. Type the names of the committee members on the lines provided at the center of the page. At least two weeks before the final examination is held, and no later than November 1 for Fall graduation, April 1 for Spring, or July 1 for Summer, the major graduate unit must notify Graduate Studies of its scheduled date by dissertatiob the Announcement of Examination form. At the minimum, you must submit your thesis or dissertation to Graduate Studies within 90 ninety days of your final defense or by the graduation deadline for the term in which you are graduating, whichever comes first.

The Approval Page is the first page of the Front Matter and the manuscript. Page numbers in the Appendices must also appear consistently as in the rest of the manuscript.

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Count the title page as page “ii”. Tables continuing for more than one page should be labeled [e. Graduate Studies does not provide copyright advisement.

Please note that computer-generated manuscripts are subject to the same formatting requirements as other manuscripts. Survey Data” and page number.

Students must be enrolled and complete a minimum of one hour of graduate credit in the term they take the comprehensive examination and must be in good academic standing. This page should be listed after the List of Figures at the beginning of the Table of Contents. Thus, when you complete your final manuscript do not shift between computers and different versions of Word.


The University of New Mexico encourages open access to all theses and dissertations produced for graduate degrees. The University of New Mexico.

The problems listed below are among the most common, but manuscripts can be returned for other problems as well. This applies to unpublished manuscripts as well. Including Copyrighted Material in Your Manuscript You should remember that if you quote or otherwise reproduce in your thesis or dissertation material previously copyrighted by another author, beyond brief excerpts, you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner.

Publication rights to the thesis or dissertation are reserved to you as the author. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Preparation and Submission. Beginning with the first page of text in the Body of Research begin again with page “1”pages are numbered with sequential Arabic numerals through the end of your manuscript. Deadlines that fall on a weekend or holiday are automatically moved to the end of the next business day.

The form is completed online.

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The Copyright Clearance Center U. This page also includes samples of completed front and reference material.

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If you use one, number it in appropriate sequence with a lower-case Roman numeral. Detailed information about each section is provided below.