Interview Questions One individual asked a question that was an energy-related scenario and it had so much jargon in it, it was nearly impossible to understand. I was brought in twice, the first time spoke to 4 different people. It’s simple to set up. Components are also modular and can be easily adapted to fit a wide variety of contexts. Your input is valuable to us — would you mind trying again? Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone.

I applied through an employee referral. Application I applied online. All interviews were conducted to see my thought process, and general technical ability. Interview Questions Honestly, the questions were all to be expected. Create promotional materials to support the launch of Opower 5:

Opower is now known as Oracle. Long day that consisted of an interview covering each topic. Our conversation end there.

Upload a intervlew to easily apply to jobs from anywhere. Phone Interview with Hiring Manager.

opower interview homework

I was asked to complete a “homework assignment” and then was asked to come into the office to meet with several individuals. She seemed to be testing whether I knew much about the company or the industry, and whether I had knowledge about energy efficiency. The process took 4 weeks.


Application I applied through college or university. I had a phone interview with a recruiter. Worst phone screening I have ever done. The interview process was simple, it was more of a conversation with some technical questions thrown in. Reached out to recruiter because of job listing on Craigslist.

Opower Implementation Engineer Interview Questions

Interview Tough but fair. See Our Latest Jobs. Interview Reached out to recruiter because of job listing on Craigslist. For up to date information and jobs, please see the Oracle profile. Opower Implementation Engineer Interview Questions.

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Make good friends with them if possible, they are a great resource to have on your side. That person was awful.

Show us where you think the existing parameters should be pushed. Everyone was very pleasant and nice but it felt a little frazzled. Was also in touch with the Gomework office, to make sure they thought I was a good fit as well. Are you sure you want to replace it? Human resources promises a very fast decision turnaround.

opower interview homework

Interview Intervoew How can I supervise people that are located in remote offices? These items should feel like a cohesive set of materials. Connect with our community.


opower interview homework

Interview Questions Here’s a typical data file we receive from a utility, and here’s a software tool we’ve created to help identify issues with the data format. Since they do sponsor the work visa for homewotk opening.

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Your response will be removed from the review — this cannot be undone. As a matter of fact all the questions were easy and not a challenge to answer. After that phone conversation, the interviewer said they’d have the direct manager call me for a second phone interview. Interview Questions What do you know about our company?

View All num of num Close Esc. The written portion evaluates your research, writing, and problem solving capability. Close Your trust is our top concern, so ooower can’t alter or remove reviews.