If you are still waiting for UNIQ decisions and have been offered another activity that conflicts with UNIQ then we would advise that you commit to the activity you have been offered. Email required Address never made public. We ask that students notify their ambassadors on arrival on how strict they are with timings as this will determine where you will be able to perform the prayer. The college will always inform you of the food available for meals and the restrictions on them. We encourage all UNIQ students to fully disclose their access requirements so that we are able to do all we can to ensure they have the best week possible with us. Living away from home is also a great opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, with different interests to you and from all over the world.

It helped with some worries I had about going to university, especially the social side of things. Should I still apply? In principle yes, we will pay for travel, food, accommodation and any necessary materials whilst you are here. If you do not have a required subject for the course you are not able to apply for it. You can try and fix this yourself by looking through your settings or typically by using a different browser where these settings are set to default. I will be fasting during my stay, how can this be accommodated? Students who take part and decide to apply to Oxford University do not receive any preferential treatment at the application stage.

personal statement for uniq oxford summer school

For students observing Ramadan we provide breakfast packs for the early morning, 9pm evening meals on behalf of the Islamic Society and a lunch voucher oxfrod allows students to purchase food to eat later. Am I eligible to apply?

UNIQ Summer Schools

If any student is thinking of applying to UNIQ, they should definitely go for it. You are commenting using your Google account. Unfortunately, only students currently studying at UK state schools are persona to apply. We also ask that you think carefully about your perxonal if you have a music or similar exam soon after, as you will have no opportunities to practice during your time in Oxford, and there will not be adequate facilities available to practice. Being away from home is a really important part of coming to Staetment.


The UNIQ programme is for students in their first year of sixth form study, usually the penultimate year of school and the year before making a UCAS application to universities. Apply Online Prospectus Contact Us.

personal statement for uniq oxford summer school

The college will always inform you of the food available for meals and the summerr on them. If you are unsure about the requirements or whether your subjects match, please email uniq admin.

Do I need to stay overnight for the entire residential week? We are committed to ensuring that the best applicants for our residentials are able to attend, regardless of medical, accessibility or disability requirements.

personal statement for uniq oxford summer school

The UNIQ programme is designed to raise the aspirations of those who attend, increase their confidence in applying to top universities with specific reference to Oxfordand break down myths and barriers which prevent high performing students from certain backgrounds and schools from making an application.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This normally happens if you have disabled cookies in some way. I am not in Year I can’t login to the application system. I applied because it was a great opportunity to help me get into a prestigious university when it came to my UCAS application, but also gave me a taste of university life sumer lectures.

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We encourage all UNIQ students to fully disclose their access requirements so that we are able to do all we can to ensure they have the best week possible with us. However, this all relies on information being sent back to us according to our deadlines.


This doesn’t guarantee you a place on UNIQ, but when we look at the applications we will take this into account. Schools can support students in their applications and will be asked to confirm details submitted by an applicant if they are offered a place but it is the students’ responsibility to submit an application.

This includes any access to bursaries or scholarships that a student may be granted. This is usually a cookie issue on your web browser. Please also note that we are unable to consider individual requests outside of the standard application form.

‘UNIQ’ opportunity for students at University of Oxford summer school

Students taking the International Baccalaureate should be in their first year of study for the IB. The summer school was amazing — I had lectures in the Law faculty, stayed in one of the colleges and really got a feel for student life at Oxford. Will I have time to attend a Church service during my stay?

The summer school appealed to me because of the competitive nature of Oxford and how it would help me in uni applications and in the future.

UNIQ summer school: How it helped me | Seren Network Blog

Should I still apply? UNIQ is supported by the following colleges: The application process was similar to a UCAS application, so it was helpful to practise writing a personal statement. Notify me of new comments via email.

The GCSE or equivalent results students get are the only point of attainment UNIQ has to base an application on, which is why we ask for them when you make an application.