Taylor also highlighted that it remains susceptible to administration variance, relies on client memory recall, and is time consuming to administer. It is probably not a coincidence that many cases of OCD centre on cleanliness and security. She had catastrophic thoughts about the probability of harm e. During the data collection day the researcher completed a journal to record his observations and reflections related to the use of the EMA. A second course of cognitive therapy adapted for mental contamination was then offered and all 14 sessions and follow-ups were attended.

This last finding was in secondary analyses of data from the Obsessive-Compulsive Cognitions Workgroup 7 that Rachman cites in this volume. It can therefore be accused of being a reductionist approach, although being combined with behavioural strategies improves this somewhat. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms. In the case of any discrepancies agreement was reached via consensus. Assignment 5 – recalling the psychosexual stages Without reading anything to the left: A cognitive approach to panic.

While OCD frequently has its onset during childhood, to our knowledge, no prior study has measured neuroanatomical changes in the thalamus of patients with OCD near the onset of illness, and before and after treatment. EMA does not rely on measurements using memory recall within the clinical setting, but rather allows for collection of information about the client’s experiences in their natural setting, potentially improving the assessment’s ecological validity Stone and Shiffman, Common obsessive thoughts concern contamination, vase.

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This means that you can use the same piece of evidence in two, or more, different points. The need to consider adapting standard treatments for mental contamination oocd suggested. The findings from this study of three patients with severe OCD suggest that the use of EMA provides important additional information regarding obsessions and compulsions and may thus be a useful adjunct to the clinical assessment of OCD.


There are numerous corresponding cognitive biases present in such individuals, including thought-action fusion, overimportance of thoughts, and caase for control over thoughts. They are summarized in three ways. Here is it the Psychodynamic explanation. The conceptualization is based primarily on the original model of panic by Clark, 3 in which anxiety results from catastrophic misinterpretations of physical changes.

Potentials and limitations of cognitive treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Treatment of Obsessions

Suitable participants then attended a second session where they signed consent forms and were given instructions about the study procedure.

Getting the client to resist and refrain from performing the compulsive sgudy. Our findings are preliminary given the small sample size and our inability to measure discrete thalamic nuclei. Reviewed by Dean McKayPh.

The Treatment of Obsessions

In future applications of this procedure, it is recommended that the device used provides automatic date-stamping to address this limitation. She stated that recently her psychiatrist prescribed Solian an antipsychotic which she tried, and found was very effective at blocking out the intrusive thoughts.

Thalamic dysfunction has been implicated in obsessive-compulsive disorder OCD. You know how these drugs work from the Abnormal Affect page, so you should be able to describe the action of the drug in some detail. A second course of cognitive therapy adapted for mental contamination was then offered and all 14 sessions and follow-ups were attended.


Summarise what the study found in your own words State whether the study supports the biomedical approach, and justify your opinion. Understanding recall of weekly pain from a momentary assessment perspective: Capturing momentary, self-report cade Ecological momentary assessment EMA in behavorial medicine. What might a compulsion be for someone who has obsessive thoughts about germs?

rachman case study ocd

Second, due to the lack of availability of date stamping, participants were asked to record the time they made each recording. Traditional psychodynamic treatment of OCD would take between 2 and 5 years.

There is a huge amount of information in this unit, so trying to learn it all is a real challenge. You can show that understanding here: In lots of species, the thalamus takes care of safety behaviours like grooming and nest checking. The finding that the EMA procedure identifies obsession and compulsion symptoms xase captured by the Y-BOCS suggests that further studies in this area are warranted.

A single case study is presented of a man with a year history of severe treatment resistant Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD characterized by mental contamination following the experience of “betrayal”. How does this document illustrate Freud’s theory in action? The Treatment of Ztudy presents a treatment manual for addressing the specific cognitive problems associated with obsessions without accompanying compulsions.

rachman case study ocd