The language in which the maturity test should be written in is based on your school language if you have received your education in Finnish or Swedish. The copyright holder will retain copyright to the submitted work. Svenska English Log in. All masters students enrolled in a program are eligible to submit an thesis and paper of a arcada, original research study. Degree thesis The evaluation level of the degree thesis is determined by the EQF level 6, which establishes requirements on advanced knowledge involving a critical understanding of theories and principles advanced skills, demonstrating expertise and innovation ability to solve complex problems in a specialised professional field Master thesis The evaluation level of the degree thesis is determined by the EQF level 7, which establishes requirements on highly specialised knowledge as the basis for original thinking and research awareness of knowledge issues in a field and at the point of contact between the different disciplines specialised problem-solving skills in research and innovation to develop new knowledge, new procedures or integrate knowledge from different fields The following factors are evaluated: Bring paper copies of your poster or handouts of your presentation with you to Thesis Forum.

For a degree thesis done on commission for an external party there can be an expert instructor representing the commissioning party. The customer service has been stellar. Click here to subscribe for full access. The degree thesis has got a supervisor on the part of the commissioning party external supervisor. If the degree thesis is commissioned, the student is responsible for handing over a copy of the degree thesis to the commissioning party in the format requested by the commissioning party electronic, bound or unbound. The thesis will be saved in Arcada’s intranet.

The product and report are evaluated as a whole. Are you on point with your studies? My brother and I forum about broke our hands playing one of the Atari Football games those trak-balls felt arcada stonethe other was dead.


Start the saving process once your thesis has been approved. The content in the maturity exam will be evaluated by the supervisor, and the language by a language teacher.

The supervisor is designated thewis the first instance from among teachers in the thesia own degree programme. The aim of the degree thesis is thus on the one hand to gain a deeper knowledge which does not take a purely practical form but is at the same time more instrumental than purely academic knowledge, and on the other hand to foster self-confidence. If the thesis is more than 80 pages in length, it is recommended that the text be printed two-sided.

thesis forum arcada 2015

The evaluation level of the degree thesis is determined by the EQF level 7, which establishes requirements on. Thus, you can prepare yhesis the maturity test, it is, however, written under supervision.

Instructions on opposition can be found here. As a rule, a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis aarcada Arcada is written in the language of the study programme.

Thesis Forum is the official occasion where students present their degree thesis. Please submit the following enclosures with the form ” Short Plan for Thesis “.

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Improve your SEO right now: By partnering with him, Chung didn’t have to go through the process of locating or purchasing machines outright. Urkund offers an automated system designed to deal with the problem of plagiarism. A degree thesis is considered to be commissioned if there is a written agreement about at least one of the following:.

This grant is awarded to an individual racada organization for the development of research technique or methodology. All masters students enrolled in a program are eligible to submit an thesis and paper of a arcada, original research study. Dashboard Study related Back Courses Curricula Study plans Register for the academic year Order an official certificate of study or transcript of records Change your Arcada password Change your contact information Forms and certificates Back Applications and certificates Reserve a locker for this semester You can now reserve a locker.


Collected raw material must not be destroyed before the thesis is approved.

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The scope of the thesis corresponds to 15 ECTS credits of independent work. Other tools Back Office Work, edit and store files online. Members of the Ethical Committee 1.

thesis forum arcada 2015

After your presentation you can make small changes based on the feedback you got. This involves a reasoned justification of choices made in carrying out the work. After the Ethical Committee has examined and approved the plan the student may apply for research permission with the organisations concerned.

thesis forum arcada 2015

Prepare for thesis forum by making a visual presentation e. Investigation work with an explorative approach which can involve a certain imbalance between the different parts of the work. Outlook Your Arcada email.

Finalists thesis be required to submit an electronic copy of their completed paper or thesis.

Writing guide Your guide for written works. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of account passwords and liable for all use of such identifiers. The commissioning party intends to utilise the results in its activity.