Landenmodule Roemenie [ permanent dead link ] by Nuffic. Baccalaureus philosophy and theology, abbreviated bac. For instance, as defined by the Brazilian National Council of Education Ministry of Education , a Licenciatura modality in Biological Sciences should include, in addition to specific topics of Biology , contents in the areas of Chemistry , Physics and Health , to attend elementary and secondary education. Archived from the original on 31 December The Licenciatura allows the holder to practice his or her profession in all of Bolivia.

Archived from the original on 31 December Similarly, for theological colleges in former times, the licentiate was a specific post graduate award, analogous to a current graduate diploma. A Useful Pan-European Instrument? In Germany , a person titled Lizentiat holds the equivalent education of a Master’s degree or Diplom. The former titles dr. Archived from the original on 9 March Retrieved 6 November

Doctorate studies will in most cases require a research-oriented master’s degree and may or may not include specific courses.

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Archived from the original on 22 March There are some Romanian licences obtained before the Bologna process was of application which have been tehsis as mr. Honorary degree Ad eundem degree. The Licenciatura allows the holder to practice his or her profession in all of Bolivia. The former titles dr.

This licentiate is required to obtain an independent medical practice licence in Canada. Skip to main content.

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This royal decree also describes the procedure for rechteb for a personal certificate stating the equivalence of a given pre-Bologna title to the new Bologna levels. Accepting the Bolognia process, Serbia changed its academic degrees and the names of degrees were synchronized with other western school systems.

A Licenciatura degree also provided direct access to professional practice or membership in professional associations such as Bar Associations for lawyers Colegio de Abogadosuntil Bar membership requirements were changed to include thesks minimum amount of legal work experience and passing an exammedicine, economics, and other regulated professions.


The purpose of these reforms was to bring the Polish university system into line with the Bologna system. These are offered after completion of school education and are somewhat less extensive than a full-fledged university degree. Qualified Licentiates may continue studies to become a Doctor of Medicine if they want to work in research. All university students completing these four years will get a Grado and may then go on with Master’s studies one to two years, ECTS credits.

The examination is evaluated as a professional concert performance.

This is awarded by the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada. In Dublin, students at the School of Medicine of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland still qualify with licentiate diplomas from the two Irish Royal Colleges, coupled with a Licence in Midwifery from each, although in the past few years they have also been awarded the three medical bachelor’s degrees of the National University of Ireland:.

Views Read Edit View history. In terms of degree coursework, the Licentiate is above Master’s but below a Doctorate. The licentiate is particularly popular with students already involved in the working life, for the reason that completing a full doctor’s dissertation while working would be too difficult. Archived from the original on 7 November In can be earned while studying for a civil master’s or doctoral degree. To get to the specialist level, it is needed first to pass master’s degree, then study for a year, after which the candidate need to defend the final specialist academic thesis which is a document describing a research in the scientific and professional area, winning additional 60 ECTS for overall study.


As in many Latin American countries, the Licenciatura is a general term denoting the first higher-education degree awarded at universities, varying from 3 to 5 years of study, depending on the field.

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In Nicaraguaa Licenciatura is awarded to students after undergraduate studies ranging between four and six years. Some professions do not require the professional credential, but for others, like MedicineAccountingCivil engineeringthexis Social workit is mandatory by law.

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Until the s, the degree was offered as a law degree at the Saarland University as a single university degree Lic. The master’s degree is the second degree and it allows you to get a Doctor’s degree equivalent to a PhD.

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The Lizentiat is largely equivalent to the 1. This is also the degree conferred to a practicing physician. This program, which is offered at the degree level, is for individuals with a B.

The Licentiate was formerly awarded in Denmark and Norwayand was roughly equal to the American PhD degree [ citation needed ]. Lawyers will need revhten master’s degree, not a Grado.

In such an instance, it sits well above the level of graduate diploma between that of master’s and doctorate. Archived from the original on 20 September It was awarded not kuleiven the university but by the church, embodied in the chancellor of the diocese in which the university was located.