He also notes that encouraging students to formulate questions by asking questions one can facilitate memory and understanding. The proponent also conducted a survey from the student in order to evaluate the manual system in providing the immediate information of their medical history. This implied that the respondents are amenable on the portability of the system. This network was used for sharing data relatively in a small geographic area such as buildings in OLFU clinics-Valenzuela campus. How to test the performance of the developed system in terms of the desired result against the manual result? In conclusion, curriculum change is both inevitable and desirable. It was used by the proponent to implement, and evaluate the developed system by the end users and IT experts.

Changeability It is relatively easy to modify the software or remove faults. In this stage, there were undiscovered errors in the system that the proponent debugged until the end users were satisfied by the system. A social network is a social structure made up of nodes -individuals or organizations- which are linked or tied by one or more specific types of relationship or interdependency, such as values, ideas, financial exchange, trade, friendship, kinship, social role as well as affective or action relationships. Rouse stated that the database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. Modules — base on the flow of related data, 3. Rest assured that the information you give would be treated with utmost confidentiality as necessary. It should be remembered that the development of critical and creative thinking is explicitly stated in the Philippine Constitution.

The proponent used a statistical method which is by getting the mean of the results came from the respondents End users and IT experts. Development from one stage to the next is thus caused by the accumulation of errors in the child’s understanding of the environment; this accumulation eventually causes such a degree of cognitive disequilibrium that thought structures require reorganizing.


The test plan of the developed system includes the part of system tested, purpose, expected result, and actual result. After stating major points verbally, it is a good idea to put them on a handout or write them on a board or an overhead projector.

Once the topic is chosen, the next stage is to decide why it is being taught this is not as obvious as it may first appear. Prior to the developed system, it is similar to the LAN-based Student Medical Information System that the proponent also used another secondary scripting language which is the JavaScript.

Their contributions have helped to define the roles of cognitive learning theory and constructivist thought in science education. According to Armenta et al. Spell out what students should learn across the course and for each test, suggests Zimmerman.

When you meet in your discussion groups later this week, you’ll be asked to apply the model as you discuss the Brown vs. Every inch of this event comes from you all! Table 7 shows the performance assessment of the end users in terms of portability. It was time consuming for thseis student and staff nurse.

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The actual observation inside the clinic was done by the proponent. Know that we, your psychmates are praying and rooting for you!

In all these cases, students’ previous knowledge must be completely revised, not merely augmented. From theoretical summary it can be printed out the summary of referral schedule of the student that needs further observation, medical history, medication and treatment, and morbidity cases thesia could benefits all of the students, school nurses, physician in Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela City main campus.

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Implementation papers having to do with massively parallel data management, fault tolerance in practice, and special purpose hardware for data-intensive systems are also welcome. The language used was natural language —English- instead of formal language. In fact, Weinstein, founder of a learning-to-learn course at Texas, finds that the more students use learning strategies, the higher their grade-point averages GPAs and graduation rates.


It means the overall health services of the Health and Wellness department in the students of Our Lady of Fatima University. Consultation Page Figure 12 shows the consultation page, the staff nurse will record the consultation of the olfh.

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How to test the olvu of the developed system in terms of the following criteria? Is preparation for an examination the main point of the lecture?

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This new approach must replace the approach that students have learned, practiced, and been rewarded for. It is similar to an organization chart smple describes the hierarchy of the items or command found in the menus of the interface. To thesus these ideas into science instruction, educators have promoted more concrete experiences in smaple classroom and have encouraged students to search for meaning and relationships when confronted with apparently contradictory or difficult information.

How to Plan an Effective Lecture 4. Additional departments were formed and one of this is the Health and Wellness department. Build in plenty of examples to explain each concept and relate new ideas to previously covered ones.

Medication Report Page Figure 15 shows the medication report. One of this networking is the Local Area Network. Weaknesses of the Lecture Approach 1. After some revisions, they were able to present to their adviser a copy of the questionnaire. What are the problems encountered by the clinic staffs and students in the present medical services offered by the clinics of Our Lady of Fatima University?

A Medical Information System http: Customized Hospital Management Sakple System.